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10 Best Programs to Free Memory on Windows PC

Everyone always wants to have a better computer, preferably spending as little as possible. If you are one of those people, you might be interested in this article, where we talk about the best memory-free programs in Windows, one of the many things that helps speed up your machine.

We'll also talk about other ways to make your computer even faster by using a number of different tools offered or not by your operating system, including some of the best programs for your PC.

It is often possible that you have received a message that you are low on memory, or that some application is high on memory, even if your hard drive is large and has a lot of free space.

The reason for this is that the memory required for the proper functioning of RAM is a much faster but much smaller memory. It works by storing temporary data for your computer to access programs faster. Keep reading the article if you want to free up memory.

1. CleanMem Free

The first of the best memory free programs in Windows is CleanMem Free, a free paid version software that allows the user to tweak some pretty simple settings just once and let the program run without further messing with it.

What this application basically does is send a message to Windows and make sure the system doesn't use paging memory, a much slower type of RAM used when good memory is over. It is not magic and works mainly for those who have low RAM. If interested, follow the link.

CleanMem Free

2. Mem Reduct

Another of the free memory programs in Windows is Mem Reduct which is completely free, with no paid version or advertisements. Developers can support this project through donations from users, so if you like it remember that.

It is an extremely lightweight program that works by erasing all cached system memory, which ultimately causes slower computer speeds. To download this program, just go to this link and at the bottom of the page, click memreduct-3.3.5-setup.exe.

3. Wise Memory Optimizer

This is one of the best programs for freeing memory in Windows on your computer, as it receives many updates and is more complete than previous options, offering more than one cleaning option.

It works when closing programs that are unnecessarily open, has a very simple and intuitive interface, has the option to perform automatic cleaning when below a certain RAM limit, among other options. To see more, click the link.

Wise Memory Optimizer programs for freeing memory in Windows

4. RAMRush

This is another free memory-free Windows program that works by optimizing the RAM usage of the system and its installed applications, closing unnecessary programs and processes whenever available memory is low.

Its interface is very simple and intuitive, but it is nonetheless attractive, being very similar to the task manager but also allowing customization in it. If you are interested in this program, go to the website.

5. MemPlus

Another software, with functionality very similar to the previous ones, MemPlus, which offers the possibility to reduce the amount of RAM used by your running applications, ensuring that you will have more memory available for your system and for you.

It can even analyze RAM by saying all the specs installed on your computer. All of this is included in a small program with many settings and a very user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. If you are interested, follow the link at the official website.

6. Mem Clean

Another great option to clear your computer memory is this completely free program that does everything that competitors do, but using features available through Windows itself.

Its interface is greatly reduced, with few options but many features, reducing how much the processes use, clearing the system cache and monitoring memory usage. To download, just go to the official site.

This is software that has numerous options for improving computer performance, which goes far beyond simply being one of the free memory programs in Windows, being the most complete on the list, but redundant depending on the user.

It has been around for a long time and in its free version does what many paid apps fail. Allows you to free memory by deleting the cache of many different applications, fix system errors, monitor RAM, remove unwanted cookies, among many other options.

If you are interested in a complete tool to improve the performance of your machine, this is the best option for you. To download this app, go to the official website, where you can also register for the premium version and release even more options.

ccleaner memory free programs in Windows

8. Restart the Computer

One very basic thing, which even seems strange to be on this list, is the simple act of restarting the computer, something extremely necessary to be done relatively often to ensure that there are no RAM remnants from previous applications.

Doing so will reset the memory, leaving it completely free and re-using it, making the computer considerably faster than before. It is recommended to restart the computer at least once a week, but preferably daily.

9. Task Manager

Windows has an excellent tool called Task Manager, a free memory program in Windows that lets you monitor its use, as well as many other very important information. To open it, just click“Ctrl + Shift + Esc” on your keyboard.

task manager programs for freeing memory in windows

On this screen, by clicking on "Memory", the programs that are open will be listed by RAM usage, from highest to lowest, allowing the user to close the biggest culprits. To see in more detail, you can also go to the“Performance” and at the bottom of the screen open the Resource Monitor.

10. Use some anti virus

One reason you may need programs to free memory on Windows is the existence of a virus on your computer; To get rid of it, you need to download some specific software such as Avira or AVG, both with free versions.

It is ideal to use one of the best anti-virus programs in conjunction with some specific malware removal program such as Malwarebytes.

And, what do you think about the list of free memory programs in Windows?

Leave us your feedback on them and if we help you in any way to increase the performance of your machine. Say if we forgot to add your favorite program of its kind to the list, and don't forget to check out our list of the best memory-free apps on Android.