10 best Pixel 2 XL cases and covers you can buy

10 best Pixel 2 XL cases and covers you can buy

Google announced a host of new hardware at its press event in San Francisco this week, including the Home Max, Home Mini, Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen. While many speaker spaces have been dedicated to all of these devices, the things that have caught the most attention, as expected, are the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones that come with great new features. However, as is the case with most modern smartphones, they are quite fragile, and while Gorilla Glass 5 can protect your super expensive smartphones from strange scratch here or there, it is highly unlikely to be of much use if you were to drop it. from your hands. That being the case, let’s take a look at the top 10 Pixel 2 XL cases and cases that you can buy now:

Best Cases and Covers Pixel 2 XL

1. Google Pixel 2 XL fabric cover

Google’s fabric covers for the original Pixel smartphones proved quite popular last year, so the search giant also makes them available for both second-generation Pixel devices. Cases have a rigid polycarbonate core with polyester and nylon mesh covering on the outside. You will also find a “Super G” welded silicone logo very subtle on the back, which informs you that it is an original Google product. The case comes in four different colors – Carbon, Cement, Midnight and Coral – and is available for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Buy from Google: ($ 40)

2. Google Earth Live Pixel 2 XL case

Google has also launched some “Live” cases for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as well as last year’s first generation devices. Google Earth Live cases use the NFC chip built into the phones to change the role in home screen wall daily with the help of a companion app that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. There is also a shortcut button on the back which makes use of the NFC functionality to provide more information about the location you are seeing that day. The cases bring the best that Google has to offer, combining cutting-edge technology, elegant style and enhanced protection, proving that the elegant does not necessarily have to be monotonous or monotonous. Google Earth Live cases cost $ 50 and you can purchase them directly from the Google Store.

Buy from Google: ($ 50)

3. Incipio Glitter Star Cut out Pixel 2 XL

Incipio is one of the most well-known third party cabinet manufacturers, and its «Design» series cabinets offer very modern designs and elegant in a translucent shell which allows the real phone to be displayed. The case itself is a unit rigid ‘co-molded’ rigid which is coated with a resistant finish The scratches and offers enhanced protection in a lightweight, compact size. The unit pictured here comes with the «Glitter Star» design, but you can buy these cases in a variety of different designs, all priced at $ 25.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 24.99)

4. As-Guard Ultra-Flexible TPU Gel Protective Case for Pixel 2 XL

If you want a clear case for your Pixel 2 XL to show your phone in all its glory, look no further than the admittedly funny called As-Guard Ultra TPU Gel Protective Case. It comes with an ultra-thin design and is manufactured with scratch-absorbent and scratch-resistant TPU gel material that protects your phone from impacts and bruises. The interior is also lined with a dotted pattern that keeps your phone’s body free of watermarks. The case is available in several different styles, and although the «ultra-clear» version is shown here, you can also buy it in black, purple, mint and black smoke.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 89)

5. MicroP Soft TPU Brushed Protector Google Pixel 2 XL Case

If the clear cases that come with a brushed and translucent finish are more of your style, you will love the look of this from MicroPioneer. It is a soft TPU case made of environmentally friendly plastic, and comes with a spider web pattern inside. THE flexible and anti-stretch TPU rubber ensures perfect grip, and the raised lip protects the screen from small bumps and scratches. Along with the ‘Clear’ variant presented here, the case is also available in black, pink, blue, navy blue and purple, which guarantees enough options for most people, regardless of their taste or preference.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 98)

6. Pixel 2 Hybrid Double Layer Armor Pixel 2 XL Case

As its name suggests, this particular case is a double layer cabinet designed for enhanced fall protection. It is made of high quality hard and durable plastic and silicon, and comes with a non-slip grip to avoid accidental falls. It also has a soft bumper running around the edges for added shock absorption. In terms of design, the case has a faux leather print pattern, and is available in three different versions – Z1 Armor Green Owl, Z1 Armor Pink Anchor and Z1 Armor Purple Flower that are here.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 98)

7. NageBee Premium Wallet Case for Pixel 2 XL

The NageBee Premium wallet case for the Pixel 2 XL offers all the features you would expect from a wallet case. First, it comes with multiple slots for credit cards, business cards and licenses, with a separate insert for cash. It also has a support for a hands-free viewing experience, and there is a «secure snap lock» to keep everything safe and secure inside. The case comes with a slim design equipped to preserve a natural look, protecting the phone from external impacts, bumps and falls. The case comes with a guarantee of 7-day money back and it is offered in six different avatars: black, brown, fairytale, rainbow, sunflower and the version of plum blossom that we present here.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.98)

8. TAURI portfolio case for pixel 2 XL

Another high quality case for the Pixel 2 XL is the TAURI Wallet Case made of PU leather with a smooth finish on the outside for protection from dust, dirt and scratches. Like the NageBee case above, this one also has built-in pockets to carry credit cards, cash and identification. It also has a convenient support support for comfortable, hands-free viewing. There is also a magnetic clip locking mechanism to keep the case closed, providing complete and safe protection for your phone, cards, cash and other belongings. Along with the black shown here, the case is also available in purple and rose gold.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 9.99)

9. Venoro Heavy Duty Armor Holster Defender Pixel 2 XL

With smartphones becoming increasingly fragile, sturdy enclosures are some of the most popular today. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Venoro Heavy-Duty Armor Defender case should satisfy you. It is a triple layer case which consists of a soft TPU inner layer to protect against shocks and falls, and two outer layers of rigid polycarbonate for reinforcement and definition. It comes with a rotating belt clip that allows you to rotate 180 degrees to provide different angles while watching movies or video calls. It also has a built-in support for a complete hands-free viewing experience. The case is offered in five different options, including the legal camouflage unit featured here.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 8.79)

10. Parallax Pixel 2 XL caseology

Caseology is one of the most well-known names in the world of smartphone accessories, and the company makes some attractive cases and covers for a wide range of devices from Apple, Samsung and Google. The Caseology Parallax Pixel 2 XL case features a slim protective design with double layer protection and is made of TPU and PC material with impact for greater impact protection . The case also features a textured geometric pattern on the back, adding greater adherence and other skills of shock absorption . The case comes with responsive button covers with clear feedback, precise cutouts and increased lip protection. While we are presenting the burgundy version here, you can also buy it in navy blue, charcoal gray or ocean gray.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 13.99)

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The best cases and covers for your Google Pixel 2 XL

Although the Pixel 2 XL promises to be a great smartphone, it is likely to be just as fragile and susceptible to damage as most modern smartphones. That being the case, a protective case of some kind is definitely the order of the day, if you don’t want your new expensive gadget to suffer a tragic and premature end. We present a series of covers and cases for the Pixel 2 XL to suit different styles, tastes and portfolios. So make your choice, and let us know which one got your costume and why. We would love to hear from you.