10 best paid games for Android in 2020

Paid games for Android are the best option for those who want to escape the games fremium. The idea to pay only once, without in-app purchases. And, in the case of games multiplayer, being able to play as equals with other competitors, free of pay-to-win schemes.

AppGeek brought together the best paid games to play on Android. Our list includes RPG, puzzle, action and adventure, simulators and much more.

1. Minecraft


Classic construction game, Minecraft I couldn't be left out of our list. In a world of pixels, you must survive the strangest creatures. To protect yourself and live in that environment, you can unleash your imagination by creating whatever you want. Its raw material is in the cubes that surround it throughout the game.

On mobile, three modes are available multiplayer, in addition to singleplayer. It is possible to open your local area network (LAN) to other players, as well as join thousands of other people by connecting to a server's IP address.

Finally, there is also a paid multiplayer service called Realms, which creates a private server. The user can play with 10 more friends on his personal server.

2. Monument Valley I and II

The Monument Valley series is evidence that sometimes less is more. Both games were developed with a minimalist 3D design, through which players must explore the illusions of optics, fantastic architecture and impossible geometry.

The sceneries seem to come out of paintings by the Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher. They challenge the brain, and seemingly unviable paths become possible from changing perspectives.

In Monument Valley 1, your goal is to guide the silent princess Ida through castles and palaces. J in Monument Valley 2, Ro and his daughter who must be helped to cross the valley.

The titles tell different stories, which only take place in the same playful universe. Therefore, they are independent, it is not necessary to have played the first to understand the second.

3. The Room

One of the most awarded series of mobile games, The Room franchise has 4 games that combine the same elements of success. The titles have 3D textile puzzles, which work in the best style escape room.

Players need to explore the room to uncover clues and then break free. Once the mystery of one room is resolved, they must soon discover the secret of another.

With realistic graphics, it has a very credible physics and gameplay that anyone can understand. The Room: Old Sims the most recent title in the series and the first to allow saving progress in the cloud.

4. Oddmar


The beautiful graphics of Oddmar would be a good reason to download this action and adventure platform game. However, the story surrounding the game, which has 24 levels also pays off the investment.

Oddmar a renegade Viking in his village, who gets a chance to prove he deserves to live in Valhalla. But for that, he needs your help to overcome a series of challenges, amid elves, fairies and trolls.

Despite the touted gameplay for mobile devices, the title supports integration with remote controls. The developers allow you to download the game for free and play some stages to test. If you like it and want to continue, you need to pay.

  • Oddmar (paid, with free trial): Android

5. Gorogoa

Gorogoa promises a challenging sensory experience for those who like to solve puzzles. With beautiful hand-drawn designs, it doesn't exactly offer guidance on how to play.

It is up to the user to discover how to combine the panels in the best way to solve the puzzles. To do this, you need to analyze the pieces and understand how they can talk to each other to continue the story. Drag the frame, zoom in, overlay the images until you find the perfect fit.

6. Stardew Valley

stardew valley

Stardew Valley brings peaceful country life to Android screens. Here, your goal is to live on the farm, raise your animals and take care of seasonal crops. All with the retr-look, 16-bit style.

Devote yourself to routine in the countryside, in this endless RPG game, just one of the several alternatives proposed in the title. The user can dedicate himself to personalizing the house and the farmer, dedicate himself to planting, fishing and caring for animals.

But, if you prefer, you can go to the city, socialize at parties and even try to find love. If it works, it is possible to build a family. The more adventurous can choose to explore mysterious caves for treasure and face monsters. In other words, it goes far beyond what is imagined in an agricultural simulation game.

7. GRID Autosport


It is difficult to choose one among so many racing games available on Android. But this 2019 release promises to please fans of the genre willing to pay for a robust game.

There are 100 tracks to cover and the same number of cars to unlock. There is also no lack of variety when it comes to game modes. It is possible to explore modalities such as single-seat, tuner, demolition, drift, drag, street racing, among others.

The player can decide the game mode from very easy to ultra-realistic, with control of the steering wheel, arrows and total handling of the car. The only one, however, is that the game is compatible with a limited amount of mobile phones. So, to play it, I need it to be part of that role.

8. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)


The Grand Theft Auto franchise needs no introduction. The series version for Android consists of 5 titles, in which your objective is to steal cars in order to participate in different missions.

Each game takes place in a specific fictional city and has its own storyline. You can be a murder suspect, a powerful drug dealer, or a vengeful boy who is surprised by criminals.

Choose the script you like best and venture into the streets of the game. Or download all and enjoy all aspects of this classic. Some of them are compatible with external remote controls.

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (paid): Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (paid): Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: III (paid): Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (paid): Android
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (paid): Android

9. Mini Metro

Mini Metro a puzzle with a seemingly simple look, but one that will probably challenge you. The game consists of creating a metro system dynamically, which works according to the growth of the city.

As with any project, there are a number of unforeseen events to be overcome within the expected time. But it is not just the planning of the railway network that is at stake. You are also the holder of the money for expansion and you need to know how to manage it.

There are only three game modes (score, infinite and extreme) and 20 real cities to explore. The Dirio Challenge allows you to compete with other players and see who is the best.

10. Tick Tock: A Tale of Two

Tick ​​tock

Tick ​​Tock: A Tale of Two is a cooperative game to solve in pairs. The two users need to help each other to solve the puzzles and escape from a mysterious world full of clocks.

Each player only knows part of the solution, so it is impossible to progress without joint effort. Both must have the game installed on the device or have the title on the Nintendo Switch or computer. The title has multiplatform integration.

  • Tick ​​Tock: A Tale of Two (paid): Android

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