10 best Nokia 6.1 screen protectors you can buy

10 best Nokia 6.1 screen protectors you can buy

HMD Global has just announced that it is bringing Nokia 6 (2018) to the U.S. under the name Nokia 6.1. Nokia 6.1 is a great budget offered by Nokia and I can’t blame you if you are considering buying this device. The device looks good, performs well and has a great display. I know, it’s a 16: 9 screen in a world of 18: 9 smartphone screens, but hey, it’s a beautiful screen, so I’m not complaining. Well, if you are thinking of buying this phone, it is better to protect this precious display with a good screen protector. To make things easier for you, we’ve selected a list of the top 10 screen protectors you can buy:

Best Nokia 6.1 screen protectors you can buy

1. Nokia 6.1 screen saver by Wellci

The Nokia 6.1 screen protector from Wellci comes in just 0.26 mm, allowing you to maintain the original response sensitivity and touch feeling that comes with the smartphone. The screen protector also has an oleophobic coating that prevents stains and fingerprints . The screen protector also protects the screen of your Nokia 6.1 against scratches and scrapes, as it brings 9H hardness. Finally, the screen protector comes in a pack of two that makes the deal even sweeter.

Buy from Amazon: $ 7.99

2. Skinomi Nokia 6 (2018) Screen Protector

Skinomi’s screen protector is specially designed to provide maximum screen coverage for complete device protection. The screen protector also has a anti-reflective coating that will help you use your Nokia 6.1 even in direct sunlight . Other features of the screen protector include self-healing properties, oleophobic coating, bubble-free installation and more. It is one of the best screen protectors you can buy for your new Nokia 6.1.

Buy from the Amazon: $ 7.85

3. Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nokia 6.1

While the first two screen savers in this list are good, they don’t have a curved 2.5D design that leaves the edges of the Nokia 6.1 display exposed. If you want to provide 100% coverage for your Nokia 6.1 screen, Orzero tempered glass is right for you. The screen protector has 2.5D rounded edges, ensuring that it covers every millimeter of the screen . The tempered glass used in this screen protector also offers 9H hardness and 99.9% clarity, which means it can effectively protect the Nokia 6.1 screen from scratches and scrapes, while maintaining the original feel of the screen.

Buy from the Amazon: $ 7.85

4. KATIAN HD full coverage protector for Nokia 6.1

Like the Orzero tempered glass screen protector, the KATIAN screen protector for Nokia 6.1 features a 2.5D arc design that allows you to cover the entire screen. The screen protector also offers highly sensitive touch response with HD clarity . The screen protector has an oleophobic coating that is great to prevent sweat and oil residues from sticking to the display. Finally, the screen saver is also very easy to install and requires no prior installation experience.

Buy from Amazon: $ 7.99

5. Nokia 6.1 Screen Protector for J & D 2-Pack

Although tempered glass screen protectors are good for protecting your smartphone screen if you drop it, there are some users who don’t like it when they add a layer of glass on the screen, how thin it is. If you are one of those people, you should invest in a plastic screen protector. East of J & D features a film-based screen protector that is ultra-thin and adds no volume to the screen . The screen protector is so thin that you don’t even realize it’s there. Note that this screen saver uses a wet installation process that is slightly more difficult than the dry installation process. So, don’t buy this if you have no previous experience of installing a screen saver.

Buy from Amazon: $ 8.95

6. IQ Shield Full Coverage Screen Protector for Nokia 6.1

I used a ton of screen protectors from IQ Shield and I really like their products. This for Nokia 6.1 features an advanced anti-reflective coating that allows users to enjoy their devices, even in bright areas . There is also a unique outer coating that prevents dust, dirt and fingerprints from appearing on the screen surface. As I said, I have used IQ Shield products in the past and I can maintain the quality of your products.

Buy from the Amazon: $ 7.85

7. DeltaShield Screen Protector for Nokia 6 (2018)

The DeltaShield BodyArmor screen protector for Nokia 6 (2018) comes with an installation kit and is great for anyone who has no experience installing a screen protector before. The kit includes premium screen protectors for Nokia 6 (2018), installation squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth and set of detailed installation instructions. When it comes to the screen saver itself, it features 99% HD clarity, self-healing technology, UV light protection, anti-fingerprint coating and more .

Buy from the Amazon: $ 7.85

8. RBEIK 9H Hardness Tempered Glass for Nokia 6.1

The screen protector from RBEIK for Nokia 6.1 has 9H hardness, which is three times stronger than regular PET film . This means that your Nokia 6.1 screen will be protected from scratches, scuffs and cracks. The glass also has an oleophobic coating that ensures an oil resistant and anti-fingerprint glass surface that is easy to clean. The screen protector is very easy to install and leaves no residue when removed.

Buy from Amazon: $ 7.95

9. DISAGU 4 x Armor screen protector for Nokia 6.1

One of the best features of the DISAGU Armor screen protector features is that it can be reinstalled in cases where a user fails to install it correctly on the first attempt . This means that even if you don’t get the installation right the first time, you can do it again without losing the screen saver. Like the J & D screen protector, this is also a film-based screen protector. You will be able to protect your Nokia 6.1 screen from scratches, but not from shock waves resulting from falls. Being a film-based screen saver, it provides better clarity and touch response. If you like a film-based screen saver, you’ll love this one.

Buy from Amazon: $ 12.95

10. ZeKing Nokia 6.1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The last screen protector on our list is from a company called ZeKing, which makes tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones. This for Nokia 6.1 brings all the usual features that we’ve come to expect from tempered glass screen protector which means you’ll be getting protection from scratches and scuffs, a little bit of impact resistance, 9H hardness, 0.33 mm thick and 99, 99% HD clarity . Finally, the screen saver is the cheapest on the list, so it’s good for price-conscious buyers.

Buy from Amazon: $ 6.96

The best screen savers for Nokia 6 (2018)

Nokia 6.1 is one of the few devices that feature a beautiful 16: 9 display, great for media consumption. I hope this article helps you find the best screen protector for your brand new Nokia 6.1. If you do, let us know which one you are buying by dropping your name in the comments section below.