10 best Moto G5 Plus cases and cases you can buy

10 best Moto G5 Plus cases and cases you can buy

10 best Moto G5 Plus cases and cases you can buy

Motorola announced its latest mid-range smartphone, the Moto G5 Plus, at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. The latest version of the Moto G smartphone family comes with a Snapdragon 625, 4 GB of RAM, with a 5, 2 ″ Full HD IPS LCD display, 3000mAh battery and a 12 MP rear camera, all within a body of metal. It goes without saying that the phone looks good, and is one of the main candidates for the mid-market smartphone market. So, if you’re thinking about buying the Moto G5 Plus, and want to keep it safe from the elements, here are the top 10 cases and covers for the Moto G5 Plus that you can buy:

1. SPARIN Moto G5 Plus case

SPARIN probably realized that many people would like to keep their phone safe, without wanting to compromise the look that Moto has given the G5 Plus. This clear SPARIN case is guaranteed to meet both requirements. Built with TPU, the case is soft to the touch, making it comfortable to hold. In addition, corners with air cushions in the case ensure the safety of your phone against falls.

The cabinet comes with precise cutouts for the camera, speakers and buttons. Thanks to the TPU construction and the soft, curved corners of the case, extremely comfortable to hold and it looks like part of your new phone. For $ 7, 99, SPARIN is offering two packages of these cases, which is definitely a very reasonable price.

Buy ($ 7.99)

2. Yocco soft silicone shockproof case

Yocco also launched a case for the Moto G5 Plus, to add a little more class to the phone, in addition to keeping it protected. The case is made of soft silicone and provides essential protection for your device. It also comes with a high lip design, to protect your device’s screen if it falls flat on its face. In addition, you can place the phone face down, to avoid being distracted and not worrying about scratching the beautiful Full HD screen.

The case is by no means a robust case and will only be able to protect the Moto G5 Plus from small cuts, scratches and scrapes . Thanks to the case being made of soft silicone, you can clean it easily with water, if it gets dirty. Yocco offers a lifetime warranty on your case, so you can rest easy and use your phone the way you want.

Purchase ($ 8, 95)

3. CoverON Hard Back Back Cover for Moto G5 Plus

This CoverON cover is made with a polycarbonate back, fused with for – shocks made of TPU . The case is completely transparent on the back, to show the original look of the Moto G5 Plus, protecting the phone from dust, dirt, scratches and drops. Thanks to TPU bumpers, you can be sure that even if you end up dropping your phone, it will be well protected. The case was designed to be comfortable with the Moto G5 Plus body, and with the precise cutouts for doors and buttons, you will never have to remove the case from your phone.

The Coveron hardcover back cover is thin, weighing less than 60 grams, which means that you basically won’t feel any difference in holding the phone with the cover. To make things even better, CoverON offers a 90 days warranty with the case.

Purchase ($ 8.99)

4. Eflistone Armor Defender Protective Case

Another case that you can consider for your new Moto G5 Plus is the Eflistone Armor Defender case. This case comes with a soft bumper, which makes it easy (and comfortable) to maintain the case, while offers fall protection and shock absorption. The bumper also has a non-slip finish, so you don’t have to worry about your hand sliding.

Although this Eflistone case is an Armor case, it is extremely thin he sees. Designed with polycarbonate and silicone, the case can easily protect your device from falls, bumps, scratches and more . In addition, with the easy fit / fit feature of the case, you can remove it whenever you want and place it whenever you need it.

Purchase ($ 7.88)

5. Wellci Ultra Slim Flip Cover Case

The Wellci Ultra Slim Flip cover case is a kind of solution to two problems at once. With this case, you can simply put your Moto G5 Plus inside to keep it protected. In addition, it has pockets where you can store your credit card or some money. So, you don’t have to carry your wallet with you. The cabinet offers a good level of protection against falls, scratches, bumps and scratches.

Keep in mind that the cover of this case is not magnetic, so it will not block if it is something you prefer. The Wellci ultra slim flip cover case also features precise cutouts for all buttons, ports and the camera on the Moto G5 Plus, so you have no problem accessing any of the physical buttons on your Moto G5 Plus.

Purchase ($ 8.99)

6. OMOTON Moto G5 Plus case with support bracket

This OMOTON office is made of a soft TPU material and covers the Moto G5 Plus from end to end, allowing maximum device protection. The case is completely scratch resistant and is made of a shock-absorbing material to provide maximum protection for your phone. With precise cutouts for each door, button and camera on your Moto G5 plus, the OMOTON case offers easy access to all the physical buttons on your phone.

In addition, the case comes with a stand, so you can place your phone on a table in landscape mode, watch movies or make Skype calls without having to hold the phone in your hand.

Buy ($ 7.99)

7. Slim Moto G5 Plus Protective Case

This DGtle case is another great thin protector for the Moto G5 Plus. The case is made of impact resistant TPU material and fits perfectly into your phone, offering maximum protection from scratches, bumps and drops. For added protection against drops, especially if the phone falls into one of its corners, the case also comes with corners with air cushions, along with a high lip design, to protect the screen if the phone falls flat on its face.

The finish on the back of the case must be non-slip and easy to hold . In addition, the case’s ultra-thin design makes it “not very noticeable”, which is definitely an advantage. The case is also transparent (although colorful), so the Moto G5 Plus design is not hidden by the case.

Buy ($ 7.99)

8. Scratch-resistant LK Slim Case for Moto G5 Plus

The LK scratch-resistant silicone case is extremely thin and has an exceptionally thin body that offers maximum protection without adding weight or volume. The case offers a high level of protection for the Moto G5 Plus, preventing accidental drops and falls. The case is made of a soft, high quality, resistant and flexible TPU that resists dirt and stains .

The LK silicone case is shock resistant, unbreakable and scratch resistant . The case is sleek and lightweight, precisely designed to fit the device perfectly. The pencilcase comes with buttons, which are designed to look natural and tactile enough . The cutout for the camera is done to protect your camera from scratches, keeping the flash fully functional.

Buy ($ 7.99)

9. OEAGO Rugged Moto G5 Plus Case with Stand

If robust cases are your thing, then this one from OEAGO is another one that you should definitely consider. The case was designed to perfectly fit the Moto G5 Plus, with precise cutouts for the camera and the doors. The buttons are covered for added protection, and are designed to be tactile and still look natural enough to allow comfortable use. The case has a inner TPU sleeve and a hard impact resistant plastic housing to provide additional protection against drops and impacts.

The corners of the case feature Dual thickness TPU for even more protection against falls. In addition, the case support will allow you to watch movies easily and make Skype calls.

Buy ($ 7.99)

10. KuGi wallet case with back support

The KuGi wallet case is made of PU leather, along with a high quality PC case. The case also comes with a large pocket where you can store your credit cardsalong with some money. The case offers easy access to all buttons and ports on the Moto G5 Plus, along with a cutout on the back for the camera.

Inserting the phone into the case is very easy, but once connected, it stays very firm and firm. The case uses leather, along with polycarbonate . Thanks to the well-crafted design and texture of the case, it is also very good to see. The case can protect easily your phone from scratches, dust and damage .

Buy ($ 5, 50)

Protect your Moto G5 Plus with these cases and covers

The Moto G5 Plus is a great phone for the midsize segment. It comes with some excellent features, such as «dual-autofocus pixel» technology, which was previously only available on high-end products like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Motorola has always done a fabulous job of capturing the mid-market smartphone market, and cell phones have always done well, thanks to the great specs and Android stock experience that Moto offers. These cases will keep your Moto G5 Plus protected from the elements and protect it from scratches, scrapes and drops. I tried to include cases of a wide variety in this list, so, no matter what type of cases you prefer, you will definitely find at least one case to your liking.

As always, we would like to know your opinion about the Moto G5 Plus and whether or not you think it is a good mid-range smartphone. Also, if you know of another cover for the Moto G5 Plus that you think deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments section below.

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