10 best keyboard cases for iPad

10 best keyboard cases for iPad

If you took the iPad Pro like another Apple iPad, you’re wrong – seriously wrong! The iPad Pro is certainly more than that, bringing a lighter and thinner user experience, ensuring maximum performance. With a 12.9-inch screen, you can even compare the Tablet PC to the MacBook, although the first does not come with a keyboard. But, wait, you can get one if you want – thanks to the iPad Pro’s variety of keyboard cases.

A keyboard case is a combination of a detachable (or non-detachable keyboard, sometimes) and protective cover for an iPad Pro. Using this keyboard, you connect a keyboard to the iPad Pro and can start using the device as if it were a MacBook . Don’t you find it interesting? It will become so when we list the best iPad Pro keyboard cases you can buy.

1. Logitech CREATE Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard Case

The Logitech CREATE Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard Case is not only the best keyboard case, but also one of the best iPad Pro accessories out there. The keyboard cover can be easily attached to your iPad Pro and works like a slim keyboard, making your tablet more notebook-like. Speaking of keys, the keyboard has full-size keys with backlighting, plus full support for features unique to iOS 9. The Logitech CREATE Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard is having a Smart Connector. In addition, the keyboard is powered using the battery of your iPad Pro. In addition, this keyboard is an accessory recommended by Apple for those who need productivity. In addition, when compared to the Apple Official Keyboard for iPad Pro, it is less expensive.

  • Price : $ 149.95
  • Where to buy : Official Apple Store

2. IVSO iPad Pro keyboard cover

IVSO iPad Pro keyboard case is still in stock, but will be in stock on December 7, 2015. A perfect choice for iPad Pro tablet PC, you can use the accessory for convenient typing experience and viewing angles at a time. It is powered using Bluetooth v3.0. Another factor to be noted is that the iPad IVSO Pro Keyboard Case can be used as a viewing stand and carrying case, thanks to the leather cover and the interior based on microfiber. Unlike commonly used silicone keys, laptop keys are used here. However, it should be noted that the iPad IVSO iPad Pro Keyboard comes with an external battery that offers a usage time of around 60 hours, and requires 2, 5 to 3 hours to complete a full charge. It is available in five color variants.

  • Price : $ 29.50
  • Where to buy : Amazon

3. Apple Smart Keyboard

Here comes the official response from Apple Inc for the best keyboard cases for the iPad Pro. This can be used as an effective display stand for your iPad Pro, along with the best placement option like a typical keyboard. Thus, three functions – type, watch and cover – can be performed using the Apple Smart Keyboard, which is quite expensive, by the way. It is having a lot of resources too. Taking the case of the keyboard, it has 64 keys, lined up with enough space between them. The water and stain resistant keyboard case would be impressive enough, suppose. At the same time, the Apple Smart Keyboard case is a mix of three different materials, including fabric material. Of course, it’s the Smart Connector to connect. Other features include full support for iOS features, keyboard shortcuts and good build.

  • Price : $ 169.00
  • Where to buy : Official Apple Store

4. ZAGG Slim Book iPad Pro Keyboard Case

The ZAGG Slim Book cover for iPad Pro Keyboard is a Bluetooth-based keyboard case for Apple iPad Pro, but the case would only be available in December 2015. You can pair the keyboard with three different devices at a time, but device compatibility it is not compromised anywhere. Upon reaching the keyboard, the backlit keys are there and there is enough space between each key on the 12-inch key frame. Surprisingly, the ZAGG Slim Book Keyboard Cover for iPad Pro comes with a battery life of two long years on a single charge. So, literally, this keyboard case is the answer to the all-time easy-to-use typing solution for your iPad Pro. Considering all of these, not to mention the high quality construction, you can go for this keyboard case without thinking too much.

  • Price : $ 139.99
  • Where to buy : Official ZAGG Store

5. ZAGG Universal Tablet Keyboard Case

As the name says, the ZAGG Universal Tablet Keyboard Case is a keyboard case that can work well with many devices, and the list includes the Apple iPad Pro as well. The universal compatibility of the keyboard case allows you to connect your Android phone, iOS phone or Windows Phone-based device and have a typing experience, thanks to the use of Bluetooth. In addition, the case is to have an island-style key set in a 12-inch key frame and the typing experience is as natural as possible. The case also has a secure magnetic cover to keep your iPad Pro more secure than it really is. If you use the keyboard’s sleep / wake function, you can have a battery life of up to three months, which looks quite impressive. Thanks to the built-in stand, you can also have good viewing angles.

  • Price : $ 69.99
  • Where to buy : Official ZAGG Store

6. Pro Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Peyou

One of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Pro available, it is available in a variety of color combinations ranging from black to white and from dark blue to hot pink. The design is multifunctional – you can use it as a keyboard case, stand and protective cover. The keyboard is magnetically detachable; If you only wanted the case once, you can get the detached keyboard of the iPad Pro. If we want to talk about the keyboard, the ABS keys need to be mentioned and the typing will be smoother when compared to the silicone keys that we normally find. It also has a sleep mode to save energy. When we count on cheap pricing in the business, everything is good with the Peyou Wireless iPad Pro Keyboard Case. It is powered by Bluetooth and has a maximum range of 10 meters.

  • Price : $ 39.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

7. Ionic Pro iPad Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Made specifically for the 2015 edition of the Apple iPad Pro, this is an accessory that guarantees protection, style and usability all at once. By the way, Ionic Pro is a trusted brand when it comes to gadget accessories and you can rely on quality. The included keyboard is small in size and is connected to the iPad Pro using Bluetooth, which is convenient for most users. It also comes with an easier installation process and there is an on-off switch on the side section of the Ionic Pro iPad Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case. When compared to other keyboard cases that are available for the iPad Pro, it is offering an elegant approach.

  • Price : $ 21.85
  • Where to buy : Amazon

8. Ionic Pro Aluminum iPad Pro Keyboard Case

If nothing else, Ionic Pro Aluminum iPad Pro Keyboard Case may be preferred for aluminum-based construction and a good design philosophy. However, being an Ionic Pro product, we also need not be afraid of quality. This keyboard cover for iPad Pro is similar to the aforementioned product, but except in the case of construction and robustness. For example, the exterior is made using pebble leather. On the other hand, the semi-rigid keyboard used by the keyboard case will provide a firm typing experience at the end. It is connected using Bluetooth and there is a switch that you can use to turn the keyboard on or off. If you loved the construction of the aluminum-based case, you can go with the product without any doubt.

  • Price : $ 99.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

9. Vostrostone KuGi iPad Pro Keyboard Case

The Vostrostone KuGi keyboard case for iPad Pro comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, accompanied by good quality support. Once connected, your iPad Pro will look like an impressive notebook, as seen in an image shown here. It is based on Bluetooth v3.0 and is compatible with a variety of devices, not just your iPad Pro. Compared to the commonly found silicone keyboards, the keys are rigid. This is all about the keyboard part, but there is also a good protection section. For example, together with its magnetic closure, we obtain a PU leather cover. Inside, what we find is microfiber that can resist scratches and common bumps. With a charging time of around 4 hours and a 90-hour backup, the Vostrostone KuGi Keyboard Case for iPad Pro is a good choice.

  • Price : $ 28.90
  • Where to buy : Amazon

10. FYY iPad Pro Wireless Keyboard

The last on our list of iPad Pro keyboard covers, we have this magnetically detachable keyboard from FYY! This is defined as a combined accessory, which can be used as a viewing stand, keyboard and stand. In all types of cases, you get a cleaner experience. There’s even an elastic band to make sure your iPad Pro doesn’t come out of its protective case. It is a Luxury Gold keyboard included in the agreement and is powered by Bluetooth. Speaking of construction, FYY iPad Pro Wireless Keyboard Case makes use of PU leather exterior and there is a layer of microfiber inside. Overall, it’s a good multifunctional keyboard case for the Apple iPad Pro.

  • Price : $ 49.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

With that, we finish our list of the top ten keyboard cases for the Apple iPad Pro. Some of the cases are fair for common use, while some of them highlight style and construction. So it’s up to you – the owner of the iPad Pro – to choose.