10 Best iPhone XS Max Cases and Covers You Can Buy

10 Best iPhone XS Max Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Apple has just announced its biggest iPhone yet, and if the past performance of large iPhones gives us any indication, it is that the phone will sell like hot cakes, despite its high price. In addition to sporting a bit of name, the iPhone XS Max features a large 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED panel that looks absolutely beautiful. The screen is complemented by the rear glass and stainless steel structure of the iPhone XS Max. Together, they make a very premium design. However, because the iPhone XS Max is so big and boasts a glass sandwich design, it means that it is also fragile. Seeing the great price that the iPhone XS Max is commanding, believe me, you don’t want to break this thing. To help you protect your $ 1,000.00 investment in this phone, we’re bringing you a list of the top 10 cases and cases you can buy to protect your iPhone XS Max:

Best cases and covers for iPhone XS Max

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone XS Max

Just as Apple is a giant in the smartphone industry, Spigen is a giant in the box-making industry. Spigen’s cases are very well designed and last a long time. One of my favorite cases for the iPhone XS Max is the new ultra-hybrid case from Spigen that brings a combination of protection and lightness. The ultra-hybrid case has a thick shock absorber that wraps around the smartphone to provide protection against drops . At the same time, it also features a thin, strong clear back to prevent scratches and scuffs. Together, they provide ample protection while keeping the weight low at the same time. If you want a thin yet strong case, which is also not very expensive, this is the case that you should get.

Buy from Amazon: $ 12.99

2. OtterBox Symmetry Case for iPhone XS Max

Another box maker that I love is OtterBox, which is generally known for making boxes with extra protection. The case I’m presenting here brings a clear, elegant, elegant and pocket design with immersive colors and graphics . I love the design of this case and it is my favorite case on this list. You can choose this case in a clear version that will allow you to show your iPhone in all its glory, or, you can choose a colorful version that will allow you to customize the appearance of your iPhone XS Max. I personally prefer the colored versions as they do they look really cool. The case also offers ample protection, as it features a double layer design that is good for absorbing impacts. Overall, this is one of my favorite cases and I recommend it.

Buy from Amazon: $ 49.95

3. Spigen Slim Armor Case for Apple iPhone XS Max

If you want a thick case that brings full protection, check out this Spigen slim armor case for the iPhone XS Max that brings heavy-duty protection to your device. The case has a double layer design that is good for absorbing shock resulting from impact. It also features Spigen’s millimeter-grade Air Cushion technology, which makes it even more resistant to drops and falls. I also love that while it’s not classified as a portfolio case, the Spigen slim armor box can hold up to two cards and cash . However, note that, despite its nickname of slim armor, the case is quite bulky.

Buy from Amazon: $ 18.99

4. Leather Case for Apple iPhone XS Max

Another favorite iPhone XS Max case comes from the company that makes the phone itself. I’ve always loved Apple’s leather cases and it’s no different here. The leather case looks stunning and looks premium in hand. The case is made of specially tanned and finished European leather and the exterior looks soft to the touch. My favorite part of the leather case is that it develops a beautiful patina over time that is unique for each user . The case also offers ample protection. I can say that because he saved my personal iPhone X a few times in the past. Overall, I love this case and I suggest you try it out.

Buy from Apple: $ 49

5. RhinoShield case for iPhone XS Max

RhinoShield is a case manufacturer famous for making cases and cases that offer extreme protection for your devices. The case I am presenting here is the case of the wood series that uses real wood in its construction. Since the company is using real wood, the result is that each case is truly unique due to the natural variation of the wood grain . Being a RhinoShield case, it has been heavily tested and, according to the company, has 11 feet of fall protection. This number should calm your mind when you leave your iPhone XS Max the next time. If you want heavy-duty protection and don’t care about the case’s price, definitely check out this one.

RhinoShield purchase: $ 42.99

6. Products Speck Presidio Pro iPhone XS Max Case

The Presidio Pro specification products are a strong case for your iPhone XS Max that offers 10 foot drop protection for the device. It features a double layer design with the outer layer being rigid polycarbonate and the inner layer using soft impact material . While the outer layer is good for resisting impact, the inner layer absorbs shock waves, thus protecting the fragile glass back. The case also features raised lips at the front, protecting the screen. Finally, the case also has an anti-bacterial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria in the case even after long use.

Buy from Amazon: $ 44.95

7. Designer iPhone XS Max Cases by Casetify

If you don’t want plain color cases and want something designer to personalize your iPhone XS Max, check out Casetify cases. Casetify makes designer cases for the iPhone XS Max and they look really beautiful and unique. There are literally hundreds of models to choose from, allowing you to customize the look of your phone any way you want. The case has a smooth and resistant exterior to protect your iPhone XS Max from small scratches, drops and dust. If you like designer cases, definitely check this out.

Buy From Casetify: $ 29

8. Incipio Carnaby iPhone XS Max Case

The Incipio Carnaby case for iPhone XS Max is a very beautiful case. Its back fabric design makes it stand out from all the other cases on this list. The case is made of durable co-molded materials that offer long-lasting protection in an elegant and modern design. It also offers flexible and enhanced structure that brings enhanced impact protection to your device. The case also features precision cutouts for all doors and provides additional protection for the buttons. I really like this case, as it not only features an exclusive design, but also brings enhanced protection. If you are looking for such a case, check this one out.

Buy from Amazon: $ 34.99

9. Matone iPhone XS Max Case

If you want a clear case that allows you to show the beauty of your iPhone XS Max, this is your case. My favorite thing about this case is that, despite having a thin and clear design, it offers ample protection, bringing polished corners. The corners of the bumper are good for protection against falls. It also had raised lips that keep the screen and camera off the flat surface and prevent scratches. The case is made of soft TPU material that is good for shock absorption and lasts a long time. While this does not provide fall protection of 10 feet like some of the other cases on this list, it does offer protection against minor falls. If you love clear cases, this is the case for you.

Buy from Amazon: $ 7.99

10. CaseMate Folio Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

The last case on this list is from a company called CaseMate that is bringing a folio wallet case that not only protects the back of the device, but also offers a front flap that protects the monitor from scratches and scuffs. The case can easily store three credit or debit cards together with some cash . It can also be used as a stand, allowing you to consume media without using your hands. I really like the protective microfiber lining inside the flap, as it protects the screen from getting dirty. The case is made of genuine leather and comes in different color options, including black, red, pink and more.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39.99

Protect your iPhone XS Max with these impressive cases and covers

This ends our list of the 10 best cases and covers you can buy for your new iPhone XS Max. I include several types of cases, including hard cases, folio cases, clear cases and more, so that each of you can find one case for you. Check the list and let us know what is your favorite case among them all.