10 best iPhone 8 screen protectors you can buy

10 best iPhone 8 screen protectors you can buy

Although the world has adopted big-screen smartphones with two hands, there are still some people who prefer the small format. You may be gaining a lot of screen space when you are buying a big screen smartphone, but you are also giving up on one-handed usability, and many people are not yet ready to give up on that. That is why the 4, 7 inch iPhone has been so successful. It’s for people looking for the latest technology within a compact body, and the iPhone 8 does just that. However, the iPhone 8 does not come cheap. So, once you buy one, you need to protect it, so it doesn’t break due to mishandling or falls. We all know that the screen is the weakest part of a device, so even if you don’t like to use cases, you should use a screen protector to protect your iPhone 8 displays from damage. To make it easy to find the perfect screen protector for your new iPhone 8, we’ve created a list of the top 10 iPhone 8 screen protectors you can buy:

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 8

1. OtterBox Alpha Glass series for iPhone 8

OtterBox is known for making some really heavy cases for iPhones. All cases are top notch and work well to protect your iPhone from damage from falls and falls. So it should come as no surprise that OtterBox’s screen savers are also very good. The screen saver is made of fine tempered glass, but strong and fortified, with anti-shatter technology . The glass is strong enough to protect your iPhone 8’s display from scratches, chips and splinters. It does all of this while maintaining high transparency and touch sensitivity to provide the best possible user experience.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 13, 16)

2. Maxboost iPhone 8 Screen Protector

In the past few months, I’ve started to like Maxboost’s screen savers. That’s because they’re shipping screen savers that use one of the thinnest tempered glass on the market. While most manufacturers use 0.3 mm thick tempered glass, Maxboosts tempered glass is only 0.2 mm thick . This means that it should provide better touch response and viewing quality. In addition, as it is tempered glass, it must protect easily your iPhone screen against scratches, scrapes and cracks resulting from small falls. The glass is also coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic layers, resulting in a fingerprint-free touch experience.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 89)

3. AmFilm iPhone 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

AmFilm is known for making some tempered glass screen protectors for iPhones. Tempered glass provides an ultra sharp high definition display with 99.9% transparency, allowing for an ideal and natural viewing experience. The glass is also quite thin, with only 0.3 mm. It is also highly durable and scratch resistant, so it should be easily able to protect your iPhone 8’s screen from scratches and cracks resulting from accidental drops.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6, 79, for a pack of 2)

4. ZAGG InvisibleShield glass for iPhone 8

ZAGG makes premium screen protectors for iPhones and promises to provide extra protection for your iPhone screen. The glass used in tempered glass is created with a patented process that strengthens the material at a molecular level to make it more durable. The glass also boasts an oil resistant design that allows you to repel fingerprints and smudges. At edges are curved to match the curve of the screen glass and therefore provides full coverage for maximum protection. When you look at the price of regular screen protectors, it may seem that ZAGG is charging you more, which is, however, you are also getting a premium product that will provide extra protection to your device.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 20)

5. JETech tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 8

This is a screen protector that is made with premium, high quality tempered glass of 0.33 mm thick with rounded edges to provide a smoother experience. The glass has a oleophobic coating that prevents the accumulation of dust or fingerprints. This is also very inexpensive and comes in a pack of two. If you are looking for a cheap screen protector, this may be the one for you. Just remember that it only covers the flat part of the screen and does not provide full coverage.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6.99 for a pack of 2)

6. Tech Armor iPhone 8 ballistic glass screen protector

Tech Armor makes some really tough tempered glass screen protectors and this one is no different. Like the others, glass is thin and has only 0.3 mm thick . This is also proud to offer 99.9% transparency and it does not detract from your viewing experience. The glass is also tough and will protect your device from scratches, scrapes and cracks in case of mishandling and small drops.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6, 95)

7. GANJOY iPhone 8 glass screen protector

This is one of the cheapest screen savers on this list, however, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, tempered glass is very good and provides 99.9% clarity . Durability may not be as durable as some of the best screen protectors on this list, but still, you can easily protect your monitor from scratches and scrapes. What is surprising is that, despite being cheap, this one also comes with an oleophobic coating that will keep fingerprints and smudges.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7.79, for a pack of 3)

8. MAXFEND iPhone 8 Tempered Glass

This is yet another cheap tempered glass that you can get for your new iPhone 8 Plus. The screen protector is built with scratch-resistant and unbreakable glass, keeping your screen protected from scratches and cracks. A special oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints and oily stains away and allows the glass to be easily cleaned with a cloth. Tempered glass is also very easy to install without bubbles.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7.99 for a pack of 3)

9. Spigen iPhone 8 screen tempered glass

Everyone knows Spigen as the company that makes premium cases for iPhones and other devices, however, the company also makes some really good screen savers. Like others, tempered glass is very strong and easily protects your device from scratches, scrapes and cracks resulting in small drops and improper handling. The best part of using Spigen’s screen protectors is that they behave very well with their own cases, allowing you to use both a case and a screen protector at the same time, without any problem.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7, 99, for a pack of 2)

10. amFilm iPhone 8 Clear HD Screen Protector

Unlike others, this is a film-based screen saver that uses plastic instead of glass. The benefit of using a film-based protector is that it does not add thickness to your device. However, they also cannot protect your device from falling. But this offer from amFilm provides extra protection by incorporating a 3-layer film design which provides an extra pillow in case of falls. However, one thing to note here is that, as this is a film-based screen protector, the fall protection will not be comparable to that of a tempered glass screen protector. However, if you don’t like using tempered glass due to the thickness it adds, this film-based protector will provide the best protection for your iPhone’s screen.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 5, 99, for a pack of 3)

Best iPhone 8 screen protectors to buy

I hope this list will help you select the best screen protector for your new iPhone 8. Although the appearance of the iPhone 8 may follow an interactive design, the power of this packaging is outside the graphics. The iPhone 8 is the king of all small form-factor phones, and I don’t see any other smartphones taking their place in the near future, that is, until the next generation of iPhones is launched. So which one are you going to buy? Let us know your choices in the comments section below.