10 Best iPad Pens Worth Buying

10 Best iPad Pens Worth Buying

Every time Apple launches a new iPad, we expect something huge! As Steve Jobs would have guessed, when he launched the first iPad, it is more than an ordinary Tablet PC. The Apple iPad is now a widely popular and versatile device in use that competes with state-of-the-art smart devices.

Now, with the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple has made the iPad reach for professional computing, from creating documents to editing videos and from annotations to web browsing. Despite having an impressive touchscreen and display, there are times when you need an excellent stylus to make things smooth.

That said, you can’t go and get a random pen, as different nibs are made for different purposes. Some tips are good for drawing, while others are meant for quicker annotations. In this post, however, we have a list of the ten best iPad pens, which are suitable for various purposes that you would find.

Choose the best pen for your iPad

1 Adonit Jot Pro Pen for iPad

Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus is a multipurpose iPad pen that is quite popular. One of the best iPad accessories you can buy, the pen emphasizes accuracy when you take notes or draw something. There is no connection or such procedure; you can use the pen outside the box. According to what users say, the experience is more like a pen, and the tip of the plastic disc is quite useful. While the precision dial increases accuracy when you touch the screen, its textured grip provides comfort and safety during use. If you use the pen more often, you find the movable clip useful, which helps you to carry the pen almost everywhere. It is only 123 mm long when the lid is closed and weighs only 20 gms. The Adonit Jot Pro iPad Stylus is compatible with all versions of the iPad, including iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

  • Price : $ 26.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

2. Adonit Jot Mini Fine iPad Stylus

If you need a cheaper and easier-to-use pen, the Adonit Jot Mini Fine Stylus for iPad is a good option and the brand value is very useful when it comes to support and after-sales quality. When compared to the aforementioned, its length is shorter – only 98.7 mm when closed with the lid. In addition, its weight has also been reduced to just 13gm, which is quite convenient. Despite being affordable, you don’t need to compromise on accuracy, since the Adonit Jot Mini Fine iPad pen comes with the Precision Disc. In addition, because it is compatible with almost all Smartphones and tablet PCs – along with all versions of the Apple iPad (iPad pro, iPad Mini and iPad Air) – you’ll have a smooth workflow everywhere. You’ll lose the textured grip, but the overall performance and the ideal pocket size are perfect for users on the go.

  • Price : $ 19.98
  • Where to buy : Amazon

3. FiftyThree Digital Pencil for iPad

FiftyThree Digital Pencil for iPad is an iPad pen highly recommended, not only by users, but also by experts. This is suitable for both casual adventures and the basic draft adventures you are looking for. FiftyThree Digital Pencil for iPad is designed to work well with all versions of the Apple iPad (including the iPad Pro) along with the iPhone. Although the pen looks like an ordinary wooden pen, it does come with some impressive features. For example, there is Surface Pressure – a technology that is useful for sketches of various shades and works well with iOS 8. Other features include the integrated rubber and blend option that allows things to look better. It also comes with Palm Rejection technology, providing a calm environment for you to draw or write. There is also a magnetic snap that allows you to charge the stylus along with your iPad. It is available in three different variants.

  • Price : $ 39.95
  • Where to buy : FiftyThree Official Store

4. Apple Pencil

Here we have the official stylus for the Apple iPad Pro. This is different from other styli mentioned here because compatibility is limited to the newly released iPad Pro. When you are using the iPad Pro to design or draw, you can have access at the pixel through Apple Pencil, and iPad Pro detects the use of Apple Pencil to provide enhanced performance. In other words, you will have a highly responsive outline or writing. In addition, you can control the thickness of the line by changing the pressure you are applying; Likewise, tilting the hand can bring various shades to the screen. When we add the 12-hour battery backup and full integration with iOS, it’s Christmas. From end to end, it is 175.7 mm and weighs 20.7 gms.

  • Price : $ 99.99
  • Where Purchase : Official Apple Store

5. Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

This product from one of the trusted developers of digital pen technology is for you when you need accessibility as well as quality. He claims to offer the smoothest pen touch experience, which would be better for writing and doodling. It makes use of a carbon fiber nozzle that increases accuracy and offers instant blur-free navigation. At the same time, its aluminum cover would be effective enough to protect the carbon tip from a variety of obstacles. With the cap at the top, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad is 125 mm long and weighs just 12 g. In addition, if you use additional services from Wacom, such as Bamboo Paper and Wacom Cloud, you can make things easier on the Apple iPad. Everything is good for notes, doodles and collaboration, in addition to common navigation.

  • Price : $ 17.95
  • Where to buy : Amazon

6. Widely used cosmonaut iPad pen

This iPad pen seems to be the best choice for students, when they want to draw according to what they need; no type of configuration or technologies involved. It is a simple pen and a large number of schools are being used. Cosmonaut Wide-Grip iPad Stylus works well with all the apps you use and is suitable for a variety of purposes, such as doodling, drawing and writing. If nothing else, you can use this pen for the impressive construction and durable design, which are very important for some users. In other words, you’ll get the best quality available for what you pay, even though you don’t have many resources or high-fidelity technologies. For those who need a simple iPad stylus, the Cosmonaut Wide-Grip iPad Stylus is yours.

  • Price : $ 25.00
  • Where to buy : Amazon

7. Brush and stylus by Sensu artist

Hello, artists! If you need a rubber-tipped iPad pen that can be used for convenient sketches and drawings, you’ll like to take a look at the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus, which is also reasonably priced. As the name says, it is a combination of a brush and a pen, both useful from the artist’s point of view. Using this combined device, however, you will be able to perform a variety of tasks – Drawing, Painting and Navigation, for that matter. While the brush is for artistic purposes only, the stylus can be just as good for almost every task on your Apple iPad. The best part is that you can switch between the brush and the pen easily – there are also some accessories included that help you draw well. For artists, it is a mandatory iPad accessory, we would say.

  • Price : $ 39.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

8. Magus Stylus

When you want to have a complete pen-like experience on your Apple iPad, you should try to get the Maglus Stylus that is preferred by some users as well. It is a little expensive, but you get satisfactory resources for the money you have to pay. Some notable features of the Maglus Stylus include the precision silicone tip, its ergonomic aluminum body and the included magnets to connect to the iPad easily. The best part is that, along with the Apple iPad and the various versions it has, the Maglus Stylus would work very well, on any capacitive touch screen. You choose when we go to the case of Maglus – you can choose between microfiber tips or silicone tips, for example. Likewise, nervous singing can be convenient, at least, for some of you.

  • Price : $ 35.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

9. Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition

As the name says, it is an iPad pen from Evernote Edition that you can get from one of the most trusted brands – Adonit. The pen uses Pixelpoint technology, which provides ballpoint accuracy when writing / drawing on the iPad screen. In addition, the 1.9 mm tip is too impressive. Speaking of its construction, the Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition is equipped with a compact and elegant construction, and with the compatible application installed, it is Natal. You will be able to charge your Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition using the supplied USB charger and, between two charges, you will have a working time of 20 hours. With the compatible app, you will also enjoy the benefits of palm rejection. Speaking of Evernote, you will receive a 6-month Evernote Premium subscription when you buy this iPad stylus.

  • Price : $ 59.99
  • Where to buy : Adonit Official Store

10. Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth iPad Stylus

We finished this list of iPad’s top stylus with an amazing Wacom product – targeting passionate artists! It should be noted that the main purpose of this pen is perfect accuracy and the best response when you are trying to sketch something on your iPad screen. Considering this, the company included a thinner and firmer tip. Likewise, there are 2048 pressure levels available and you can choose the most appropriate brush level and shading when drawing. Speaking of compatibility, Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth iPad Stylus works well with iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air 1. On all these devices, you get palm rejection if when you’re using it o supported creative apps. On the official website, you can get information about compatible applications. If we want to take all of this into account, the Wacom Intuos Creative Bluetooth Stylus for iPad is the best for artists. It will be connected using Bluetooth, by the way.

  • Price : $ 79.99
  • Where to buy : Official Wacom Store

So who are you – an artist, an ordinary note-taker or a serious writer? And which pen are you using for your iPad? Let us know what you think about your iPad pen, through your comments.