10 Best Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protectors to Buy

10 Best Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protectors to Buy

The Galaxy Note 9 has now reached the market and, although it may not look so different, it brings a significant hardware update, which makes it a great smartphone. Being an emblematic device, Samsung packed the Galaxy Note 9 with high-end hardware, along with a series of improvements in quality of life and S-Pen, which will appeal to fans of Samsung’s Note line. In addition, the large and beautiful AMOLED display of the Galaxy Note 9 sets it apart from all the competition on the market. But this beautiful screen is prone to scratches, scrapes and cracks from everyday use, so if you are planning to buy the Galaxy Note 9, it would be better to invest in a large screen protector to keep the screen scratch-free. Since there are thousands of options to choose from in the screen saver department, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 Galaxy Note 9 screen protectors you can buy now:

Best Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protectors

1. ESR Galaxy Note 9 Soft TPU Screen Protector

The first option in this list is ESR’s soft TPU screen protector, which offers full screen coverage, including rounded edges, unlike many other screen protectors on the market. Made with innovative LiquidSkin technology, the ESR TPU soft screen protector is designed to ensure end-to-end protection for your Note 9 screen. The screen protector not only protects your device from scratches, but also still has the ability to cure small risks, ensuring that the protector looks as good as new, even after several months of use. The ESR soft screen protector comes with a simple installation kit that guarantees effortless installation without leaving bubbles between the monitor and the protector.

Buy from Amazon ($ 8.99)

2. Spigen NeoFlex Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

Another great flexible option is the Speo NeoFlex protector for the Galaxy Note 9, which, like the aforementioned option, can adapt to all curves in the display in Infinity edge the device. The Speo NeoFlex screen protector protects your device from all small scratches and scrapes with relative ease, and the high quality components ensure that the screen still looks as beautiful as it looks, without the screen protector. In addition, the Speo NeoFlex screen protector is fully compatible with all Spigen cases and casestherefore, if you choose this option, you can certainly take a look at all the cases that the company has to offer.

Buy from Amazon ($ 8.99)

3. dome galaxy note 9 toughened glass

One of the most exclusive screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 9 comes from the Dome Glass, which makes use of a liquid dispersion technology to apply a 3d screen protector to the device for complete protection. Although it is a little expensive, the Dome Glass tempered glass screen protector is worthwhile as it offers the best of both worlds. He offers full edge-to-edge coverage, like soft TPU screen protectors and the toughness of tempered glass screen protectors for maximum protection of your device. The kit comes with two screen protectors and a bubble-free installation kit which will ensure that the screen protector is completely flush with your device’s screen.

Buy from Amazon ($ 59.99)

4. Top Offers Galaxy Note 9 Privacy Screen Protector

If you are looking for a screen saver that offers a privacy filter that protects your device’s screen from prying eyes while keeping it protected from scratches, you can choose to privacy screen protector from Top Deals US. As you would expect, the curved 3D curved glass screen protector that comes in this package includes a privacy filter which has a slightly black tint that prevents other people from spying on your smartphone. In addition 9H hardness the used tempered glass ensures that the screen remains safe from all scratches and a oleophobic coating prevents long-lasting fingerprints and smudges.

Buy from Amazon ($ 5.00)

5. Caseology Galaxy Note 9 Tempered Glass

If you are looking for a simple tempered glass screen protector that will protect your Galaxy Note 9 screen from scratches without adding too much volume to the device or having a negative effect on touch sensitivity, then you can opt for the tempered glass screen protector. Caseology. The tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness from Caseology has 99.9% HD clarity and has only 0.33 mm thick, which means that it has no adverse impact on screen sensitivity. The tempered glass protector not only makes the device scratch-proof, but also features a oleophobic coating that protects you from fingerprints and smudges.

Buy from Amazon ($ 11.99)

6. ArmorSuit Galaxy Note 9 Military Shield

The ArmorSuit Galaxy Note 9 military shield is another screen protector unique to the device it offers military-grade protection to your device’s screen. In addition to protecting the device from scratches, the Military Shield also has a self-healing technology that heals small scratches over time . The screen protector has 5 layers of protection and even has a anti-reflective coating that will protect your eyes while using your smartphone. In addition, the Military Shield comes with a lifetime replacement warranty so you can replace it whenever it scratches too much.

Buy from Amazon ($ 7, 86)

7. Galaxy Note 9 3D Curved Tempered Glass Guards

Another great screen protector for your brand new Galaxy Note 9 is the curved curved 3D Guards glass that features the toughness pattern of 9H that will protect your device’s screen from scratches and scrapes. The screen protector is made of high quality tempered glass that offers 99.9% transparency, which allows for a great viewing experience. The screen saver has only 0.26 mm thick, so it will have no negative impact on your device’s touch sensitivity and is supported by a risk-free lifetime replacement warranty, which will allow you to exchange for a new case break of protector.

Buy from Amazon ($ 4.99)

8. MagGlass Galaxy Note 9 Matte Coated Tempered Glass

Now, if you are a fan of matte finish screen protectors that offer a very unique feel, then you can opt for tempered glass screen protector with matte finish MagGlass. The full-coverage matte screen protector covers up to the curved edges of the Note 9’s infinite screen and has only 0, 3 mm thick, from mode that does not affect the touch sensitivity of the screen. As the screen protector has a matte finish, it automatically prevents any fingerprints or smudges and their 9H hardness ensures that the monitor does not receive a single scratch, as long as the screen protector remains in place.

Buy from Amazon ($ 12.00)

9. Venoro Galaxy Note 9 Screen Protector

If you are looking for a simple screen protector for your new Galaxy Note 9 and are not looking for something that offers a lot of bells and whistles, then you can opt for the Venoro tempered glass screen protector. The screen saver is composed of hardened tempered glass 9H pattern that protects your devices from minor scratches and scrapes. He has only 0.33 mm thick, so it does not affect the sensitivity of the screen and its rounded edges ensure that it fits perfectly on the curved edges of the Galaxy Note 9.

Buy from Amazon ($ 11.79)

10. Olinkit Galaxy Note 9 Friendly Screen Protector Case

If 0.33mm looks a little too much, then you can opt for the Olinkit case screen protector, which has only 0.26 mm thick and is compatible with most cases. Being so thin, the Olinkit tempered glass screen protector does not interfere with touch sensitivity and has a oleophobic coating which reduces smudges and fingerprints on the device. In addition, it offers virtually all of the other standard features you would find in other tempered glass protectors, including 9H hardness, 99.9% transparency and easy installation . What is really good is that, for the price, you will have two screen protectors to be able to easily switch to the second, in case the first is broken.

Buy from Amazon ($ 11.99)

Protect your Galaxy Note 9 screen with these screen protectors

If you just received your new Galaxy Note 9 or are planning to buy a logo, you should definitely invest in a decent screen protector to keep your device’s screen spotless. Considering the immense cost of replacing the screen of a high-end smartphone, you should definitely select one and order it right away. There is one to suit all different needs and we are sure that you will find one that fits your account. So, which screen saver do you prefer for your new Galaxy Note 9? Let us know in the comments section below.