10 best external hard drives you can buy

10 best external hard drives you can buy

Although solid-state drives or SSDs are the fastest forms of storage available, many people still prefer to keep physical hard drives. Yes, they may not match the high speed of SSDs, but they do offer a ton of storage space for a much lower price. Now, with so many options available to choose from, which one should you go with? Well, if you are looking for a portable hard drive, don’t worry, as we bring you our list of the 10 best external hard drives you can buy:

The best portable hard drives to buy

1. Western Digital My Passport portable external hard drive

Western Digital is one of the most famous and biggest names when it comes to storage of all types. Westen Digital My Passport is one of the company’s best-selling products, simply because of the level of reliability and performance it offers. Available in a variety of fun and vibrant colors, the stylish style fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so you can easily take your treasured content wherever you go. The external hard drive comes with USB 3.0 connectivity and capacity of up to 4 TB. In addition, WD also provides its customers integrated 256-bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security software, which helps keep your content private and secure.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 52.1TB)

2. Seagate Backup Plus portable external hard drive

If not from Western Digital, Seagate needs to be your preferred storage partner. With just 12, 1 mm thick, Seagate Backup Plus offers storage options for up to 4 TB of capacity. It makes use of USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity in high speed that offers plug-and-play functionality on your PC and a maximum data transfer speed of 120MB / s without the need for an external power supply. Seagate Backup Plus is a simple and elegant external HDD, available in the Red, Blue, Black and Silver color options. In addition, the price of the external hard drive is a 2-month free membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 59, 95, 1TB)

3. LaCie Porsche Design external hard drive

External hard drives don’t have to look so simple and simple, right? That’s where the LaCie External HDD comes in. With one solid aluminum structure of 3 mm that surrounds the disc inside, the Porsche Design Mobile Drive looks absolutely stunning and elegant. The external hard drive makes use of the USB 3.0 type C port to provide speeds of up to 100 MB / s. In addition, while the company claims the product was designed for Mac users, any PC user with a Type-C port will also be able to experience the same level of premiumness that this unit offers.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 74, 94, 1TB)

4. Toshiba Canvio Basics

One of the highest performing portable external hard disk drives, Toshiba Canvio Basics is a Simple and simple external HDD . Despite its small and compact size, coupled with a stain resistant design, the Canvio Basics can offer storage options from 500GB up to 3TB. As for data security, the HDD comes equipped with a internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology that helps protect your disc from damage from accidental drops. All in all, Toshiba Canvio Basics is the external hard drive for you, if you want a simple and reliable external HDD that is plug and play from the start.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 58.95, 1TB)

5. Adata HD710 Pro external hard drive

Data protection comes in all sizes and users want the best possible protection for their data, right? Designed for external people who want rugged devices, the Adata HD710 Pro comes in a rugged, stylish case at an attractive price. In addition to industry standard protection of standards IP68 dust and water proof, the external hard drive also passes for military-grade shock protection with protective tri-layer construction. All of this, combined with storage options of up to 4 TB and USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity, make the Adata HD710 Pro one of the most reliable external hard drives on the market.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 69, 20, 1TB)

6. WD Elements portable external hard drive

Simple and portable is exactly how you define the Western Digital Elements external hard drive. Up to 4 TB in a lightweight design, you can take photos, videos, music and other files wherever you go. Oh, and thanks to USB 3.0 connectivity, you get maximum performance speeds of up to 5 GB / s when transferring your files to and from the WD Elements handheld. While WD My Passport comes with data protection, the external HDD of WD Elements is a simple plug-and-play drive that can easily be your go-to drive.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 52, 99, 1TB)

7. External Type C USB Power Armor A60 USB 3.0 Hard Drive

If the Adata HD710 Pro is a little out of style for you, but you still prefer to have an advanced level of durability in your device, the Silicon Power Armor A60 may interest you. The A60 external hard drive is military shockproof and has water resistant IPX4 protection. It makes use of an interface USB 3.0, together with support for Type-C. In addition, unlike other manufacturers that offer a single year warranty, the Silicon Power Armor A60 comes with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. All in all, the Silicon Power Armor A60 is a good looking and highly reliable external hard drive.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 72, 1TB)

8. Aegis Apricorn USB 3.0 256-bit AES XTS Encrypted Hardware Portable External Hard Drive

Data encryption and password protection are the main focuses of the Apricorn Aegis Padlock. Since it depends on the USB 3.0 port for connectivity, transfer rates are almost the same as other competing HDDs on this list. But what makes this external hard drive unique is the 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encryption, thanks to the wear-resistant keyboard. The body itself comes with resistant epoxy coating to protect you from physical attacks. And in case things go south, the hard drive also comes with a brute force self-destruction feature.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 189, 1TB)

9. Storage on the external hard drive of the Seagate Backup Plus hub desktop

If you are interested in purchasing an external hard drive to download all data from your system, larger size is important. Seagate Backup Plus Hub is one of the best external hard drives in this department, allowing you to perform a one-click backup or schedule an automatic backup plan to protect your files on your storage options from 3TB up to the end of 10TB. The Hub makes use of USB 3.0 for connectivity, but it also comes with two high-speed USB 3.0 ports integrated in the front that allow you to connect and recharge your other USB devices as well. Oh, and Backup Plus Hub also includes a free 2-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 154, 99, 8TB)

10. Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro

Wireless connectivity is increasing, and Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless Pro adopts this technology. In addition to using a USB 3.0 port for connectivity, the external hard drive is also equipped with Wireless 802.11ac for fast data transfer. Offering a battery backup up to 10 hours, you can use the external hard drive to wirelessly stream 4K videos and view photos with the My Cloud mobile app. In addition, the Pro Wireless External HDD also comes with an SD card slot, allowing you to quickly transfer media from your camera’s SD card.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 149, 99, 1TB)

10 best external hard drives you can buy

Well, that’s all on our side. The list above was organized with many members of the Gadget-Info.com team meeting and deciding on the best choices. Thanks to powerful USB 3.0 / 3.1 connectivity options, you can transfer your data to a portable hard drive at high speeds. So, did any of the mentioned external hard drives catch your eye? Or do you have any other suggestions for us? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.