10 best charging stations for cell phones

10 best charging stations for cell phones

Do you have multiple smartphones with you, which, of course, need to be charged to keep working? Well, then, we are sure that you would be fed up with the task of connecting each of the devices, one after the other. However, it should be noted that using a typical power extension will not be sufficient; nor can you connect all your devices to your PC. However, given that your devices support USB-based charging, you have a better option – Charging station. In addition, some charging stations come with built-in tips for almost all smartphones!

In this post, we present a list of best charging stations . The list includes charging stations for domestic and organizational purposes. You can select one from the list according to your budget and requirement; we’ve included enough details about each charging station to let you know if it’s worth buying and where to use it. We can start?

10 best charging stations

1. ChargingAll floor stand charging station

This charging station is for organizations – hospitals, colleges, airports, restaurants, universities, etc. – that want to provide their visitors with an outlet to charge Smartphones. Up to eight devices can be charged using this station simultaneously without compromising the charging speed. Other notable features of the ChargeAll Floor-Stand Charging Station include areas illuminated in black LED, customization by adding your brand-related material in the signage area, etc. In addition, ChargeAll included different charging advice instead of mere female USBs. This floor charging station includes two Apple Lightning pins, 2 Apple 30-pin cables, two Micro USB pins and 2 female USBs.

  • Compatibility: All smartphones and other devices that support USB charging, including iPhone and Android
  • Price: $ 549.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

2. Anker 40W Desktop Charger + Charging Station

The Anker 40W Desktop Charger + Charging Station is a great option when you need a nice and simple charging station to charge your devices that support USB charging. Using matching cables, you can charge up to five devices simultaneously. Along with that, Anker Charging Station allows you to organize your devices by removing the charging pins and placing them accordingly. Considering the detachable cables and all, the Anker Charging Station offers an impressive level of comfort as well. In addition, the charging station comes with PowerQTM technology that guarantees maximum power in all these slots.

  • Compatibility: all devices that support USB charging. You have to use corresponding USB cables
  • Price: $ 54.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. MobileVision universal multi-device charging station

The MobileVision multi-device universal charging station comes with six different slots that can be used to charge many different devices that you own. Among the six slots, two slots provide 1A output, while the other has 2A output. The charging station comes with micro-USB charging cables that can be used to charge different devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5; in the case of the iPhone or iPad, however, you will need to use approved charging cables. It comes with an excellent design to keep all your devices without any clutter.

  • Compatibility: All devices that support USB charging, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Price: $ 59.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. USB charging station for Avantree Powerhouse Multi Device mobile devices

Probably the most customizable charging station you have ever purchased, the Avantree Powerhouse USB Charging Station for multiple devices is one of the best options. What makes this product a great place to organize your smartphones or other devices is the level of customization that allows you to change the shape of the top layer and thus ensure that your devices fit perfectly in place. In addition, using the Velcro system, you can get rid of those messy cables that will be present in a typical charging environment. Other Avantree Powerhouse features include Smart-Port support, high throughput and USB cables included in the box.

  • Compatibility: From older versions of Samsung tablets and cell phones to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / 4 / 4GS, iPad 4/3, the latest Samsung tablets, Samsung Galaxy Note3 / Note 2 / S5 / S4 / S3, Nokia Liuma 920, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z1, Google Nexus 5/4.
  • Price: $ 47.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

5. ORICO Table Charging Station

Do you prefer a simple charging station that allows you to charge four of your devices simultaneously for all the big deals on the market? So, you should take a look at the ORICO Desktop Charging Station, which is impressive in any sense. With built-in protection from all of these electrical errors, such as overvoltage and overcurrent, you can connect almost any device to the charging station via USB and it will start charging instantly. You have the option of taking the cables through the bottom of the charging station and thus keeping the mess of the wires aside. You can use the station to charge up to four devices at once.

  • Compatibility: all devices with support for USB charging
  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

6. Poweradd USB Desktop Charger

With six slots to charge your different devices, whether they are Android Smartphones, iPad or iPhone, the Poweradd USB Desktop Charger is an excellent charging station for almost all users, especially when you need to charge many devices at a time. The outer shell is durable and easy to use and gives an elegant feel when you use it. Each slot is different if we consider the case of the output, and this difference helps you to obtain the maximum loading speed when connecting certain devices, such as the Apple iPhone or iPads. Overall, Poweradd USB Desktop Charger is worth what you pay, in fact.

  • Compatibility: All devices that include the USB charging feature
  • Price: $ 19.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. Bolse USB desktop charging station

Combining a truly intelligent hardware system and a usable design, the Bolse USB Desktop Charging Station is a great device, especially when you want to charge up to 7 devices. Using the Micro Chip, the device will recognize the device you have connected and will act accordingly in order to provide the best charging time and efficiency. Bolse USB Desktop Charger is really useful because it is as small as an Apple iPhone 4, but it has enough features to help all smartphone users out there. Other features include LED notification and security features.

  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5, 4, 4, iPad 5, Mini, MP3 Players, 4th generation iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Tab 2.0. Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Xoom, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Paperwhite, Tablet, Barnes Noble Nook, blu electronic cigarette etc.
  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. Universal HardNok desktop charging station

Here comes yet another device that allows you to charge up to six devices simultaneously, connecting a single wire to the wall outlet and saving a lot of space and mess. The device’s Smart IC feature is quite powerful when we consider the effectiveness of charging, because Smart IC allows the device to act according to the connected device. In short, the HardNok Universal Desktop Charging Station is great, especially considering its compact design and security features.

  • Compatibility: all devices with USB charging
  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Note: HTC One M8, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, LG G2 and Asus tablets are not supported.

9. Sabrent 10-Port USB Charging Station

When you have more devices to charge, you can go with the Sabrent USB charging station! The fast charging method of the charging station is very effective and there will be no change in the performance of each slot, which means that all connected devices would be charged equally. It doesn’t matter if you want to use Smartphone or Tablet PC to charge, the Sabrent USB Charging Station would be a good deal. There are ten ports, to which you can connect a device that supports USB Charging – that simple.

  • Compatibility: Any device with USB charging support
  • Price: $ 35.00
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. Wall Mounted Charging Station

Last but not least, ChargeAll’s wall-mounted charging station is one of the best charging stations when looking for a public charging station to use in some organizations, such as hospitals and colleges. It offers a wide variety of customizations, as you can even define your brand name. Speaking of features, ChargeAll’s Wall Mounted Charging Station supports eight charging tips, which can be used to charge eight different devices simultaneously. Considering all this, this organization-oriented charging station is a theft business, we would say. Just like the first charging station on the list, it offers charging tips along with female USBs, allowing you to charge any device.

  • Compatibility: Works with iPhone 6+ 6 5 5s 4s, Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4, Samsung Note, HTC One, Sony Xperia, iPad, Kindle, GoPro, Samsung Galaxy Gear and all other devices with USB charging support
  • Price: $ 349.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Wait! We are yet to find out about your favorite charging station, on or off the list! We hope you will let us know through comments.