10 Best Cases for HTC One A9

10 Best Cases for HTC One A9

After more than a few fantastic Smartphones in the series One, HTC is back with another high-end device – the HTC One A9, the successor to the previous high-end device called the HTC One M9. Despite being named one of the flagship devices, the HTC One A9 aims to be a mid-range offering for HTC Smartphone lovers. Along with the good construction that distinguishes all HTC smartphones, there are brilliant specs as well. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SoC and 2GB (or 3GB) of RAM, the device can be as smooth as you’ve seen, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow makes things just incredible. Speaking of its construction, there is a unibody aluminum structure accompanied by brushed metal support. However, when you go beyond the limits of safe Smartphone use, you will definitely need an extra layer of security for your HTC One A9. Here, we have a list of the top ten HTC One A9 protection cases that you can buy.

Best protective cases for HTC One A9

1. Vostrostone KuGi One A9 case

A product of Vostrostone – a trusted brand – this protective case for HTC One A9 is available at an affordable and reasonable price. Compatible with all HTC One A9 carrier variants, the case is available in 4 different colors – Gold, Black, Blue and Red. The cover offers complete access to all parts of your Smartphone, such as speakers, ports and camera. From the appearance of the Vostrostone KuGi One A9 Case, you can understand that the case does not add much volume to your Smartphone; on the other hand, your HTC One A9 would look nice and light, accompanied by a softer touch feeling. And, needless to say, your phone will be protected from dust, dirt, scratches and other types of common damage.

  • Price : $ 7.50
  • Where to buy : Amazon

2. OEAGO HTC One A9 Dual Layer Case

It is a protective protective case that you can have for your HTC One A9, especially when you are a rude Smartphone user! The case is available in five six different color variants, such as Green Silicone, Blue Silicone and Red Silicone, but you may have to pay an additional $ 1 for some color variants. Speaking of the double layer that comes with, there is hard plastic and soft silicone. At the top of the layer, there is an adherent part that improves the handling of the device. Other notable features of the OEAGO HTC One A9 Dual Layer include covered buttons and perfect access to all parts of the HTC One A9. In addition, the shock absorption of the OEAGO HTC One A9 Dual Layer Case is quite impressive, we believe.

  • Price : $ 5.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

3. Vostrostone KuGi Leather Case for HTC One A9

If you want to give your Smartphone a stylish look, you should try the Vostrostone KuGi HTC One A9 leather case which is also quite affordable. As the name says, the case is made using PU Leather, which is strong enough to withstand many damages. Instead of covering the entire device, there is a small window in the part of the screen, through which you have quick access to some type of content, say, widgets. In addition, you get basic protection against dust, scratches, etc. This case is available in four colors: black, gold, red and white. In all color variants, elegant appearance and style are guaranteed.

  • Price : $ 11.50
  • Where to buy : Amazon

4. HTC Dot View Official Case for One A9

Well, we have the official case for the HTC One A9 here. Official HTC Dot View case for One A9 may be a little expensive, but it offers more than you pay for. The case is available in three different colors and the accuracy and complete access to the phone’s features are guaranteed in any case. Despite having the Dot View part on the front, the back is transparent and you don’t need to lose the unique style and appearance of your HTC One A9. Speaking of Dot View, it is a great technology that shows the main notifications in an interactive, without having to open the case. When you are opening the case, however, you can see the full notification screen. Being an official protective case from HTC, its version is ideal for the device.

  • Price : $ 49.99
  • Where to buy : HTC Official Store

5. SUPCASE Beetle Case HTC One A9

Here comes one of the excellent sturdy cases you can have for your HTC One A9, given that you would have a relatively high budget. It is a SUPCASE product, which is very reliable when it comes to protective cases and other accessories. The construction of the accessory can be seen in the image and quality is guaranteed through the use of two materials that create a fruitful protective mixture – hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU. The mixture can withstand accidental drops and other shocks. The front cover is equipped with a screen protector and you have access to all ports and buttons in a non-intrusive way. For the money you have to pay, SUPCASE Beetle HTC One A9 Case does the job very well.

  • Price : $ 19.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

6. HTC One A9 LK Case

The HTC One A9 LK Transparent Case is a transparent case designed specifically for the HTC One A9. It’s the best choice when you don’t want to make your HTC One A9 Smartphone look less, even while increasing protection. Speaking of its construction, high quality rubber is used and can protect the device body from scratches, dirt, stains etc. In addition, you can access the buttons and ports, even when the enclosure is in operation. In addition, the material in use has the capabilities of shock absorption, resistance to breaking and scratching. In addition, the HTC One A9 Clear LK case has a raised bezel on the front, protecting the screen from damage. After all, it is a very affordable price.

  • Price : $ 7.99
  • Where to buy : Amazon

7. Clear Naked Case-Mate HTC One A9 Tough Case

Yet another expensive choice on the list, the HTC Nu A9 tough Case-Mate hard case is lightweight and effective at the same time. It is a difficult case and can offer protection against almost all types of damage, from drops to dust and shocks to splashing water. The two-layer case is impact resistant, but the entire protective layer has been kept transparent so as not to affect the real style of your HTC One A9. At the same time, the protective bumper is very good from the point of view of protection. Other notable features of the HTC One A9 Case-Mate Clear Naked hard case are a comfortable design and metal buttons that facilitate access and touch.

  • Price : $ 35.00
  • Where to buy : Official Case-Mate Store

8. HTC Clear Shiled Case for HTC One A9

Here, we have another official protective case for the HTC One A9 Smartphone. However, when compared to what we had mentioned earlier, HTC Clear Shiled HTC One A9 Case is quite affordable and is suitable for the average user out there. The design and construction are very minimalist – as in appearance – but you can get protection against various types of damage, such as falls, shocks and dirt etc. All this time, you don’t have to compromise the real style of One A9 You have. You can select the Red or Black variant of the HTC One Shed HTC One A9, depending on the color of your A9. Overall, it’s a good deal.

  • Price : $ 19.99
  • Where to buy : Official HTC Store

9. Octane Incipio HTC One A9 case

This case is from the Octip series from Incipio – which is a very reliable brand when you want to have an efficient and efficient smartphone protective case. Along with the classic look, Incipio HTC One A9 Octane Case is known for this impressive engineering. The case is made using a Plextronium polycarbonate backing. To increase protection, the company also included a textured bumper layer. In short, the Incipio HTC One A9 Octane Case can bring your device protection up to a newer level, giving you confidence to use it. In addition, the case design is optimized to obtain the best results when subjected to drops and shocks. For the technology and precision we obtain, we would say that the price is affordable. It is available in four different color combinations.

  • Price : $ 24.99
  • Where to buy : Incipio Official Store

10. Cover for Olixar FlexiShield HTC One A9 Gel

The Olixar FlexiShield gel case HTC One A9 is a protective case that prioritizes durability and protection. The material in use is suitable for non-stick behavior, as well as for easier handling of the device when the lid is attached. The best part is that the case does not add much volume to the device and you can always regain the slim appearance of your HTC One A9. Some other notable features of the Olixar FlexiShield gel case HTC One A9 include precise cutouts and raised bezels. To be noticed, it is one of the most affordable protection cases available for your HTC One A9. What should be noted here is that the case gives an elegant layout to your HTC One A9 Smartphone, which is also impressive.

  • Price : $ 8.99
  • Where to buy : MobileFun

Well, if you own an HTC One A9, which case would you have chosen? We are looking forward to know.