10 best camera lenses for iPhone

10 best camera lenses for iPhone

There is something very interesting when it comes to the world of photography – you can never estimate a photographer’s talent depending on the equipment he has! In some cases, a photographer with a point-and-shoot camera can capture stunning photos when the owner of the DSLR is stunned. This is the same thing behind one of the main trends in the world of photography today – iPhone Photography or iPhoneography. Well, if you’re a person who is interested in iPhoneography and you think your iPhone’s camera isn’t powerful enough, now you have an option to do – use an iPhone Camera Lens, to make your shots even more beautiful. In this post, we share a list of some of the most popular camera lenses for iPhone, which is worth buying and using, in fact. We hope this helps the iPhone photographer in you.

10 best camera lenses for iPhone

1. Mpow 3 in 1 iPhone Clip-On camera lens

Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On iPhone Camera Lens is a great camera lens for iPhone if you are looking for a combination of essential lenses to make your iPhoneography look better. When you buy this, you will receive a 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye lens, 0.67X Wide Angle lens and a 10X Macro Lens. As you know, you can take fisheye pictures, bigger and wider pictures and pictures with details, using these lenses, respectively. It comes with a universal clip, which can support devices like iPhone, Samsung Smartphones, iPads, HTC Smartphones etc. The clip is made of soft rubber and you don’t have to worry about your iPhone’s screen being damaged.

  • Compatible with: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
  • Price: $ 15.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

2. Camera Lens Kit for iPhone YOPO

The YOPO Camera Lens Kit for iPhone is a collection of lenses and accessories for photographers who want to be a little bit professional, in terms of quality! Made of high quality aluminum, four lenses in the lens kit will come in handy if you capture different types of photos every day. The collection consists of telescopic, fisheye, macro and wide-angle lenses that can be selected according to your needs, together with a tripod made of aluminum to get unsteady photos. In addition, there is a lens holder, hard case for different devices, etc.

  • Compatible with: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S
  • Price: $ 39.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. YOPO Universal 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens

The Universal 3-in-1 Clip-On Lens from YOPO is a complete solution for beginners in the world of iPhoneography, due to its multipurpose behavior and other things. With the set, you can have a fisheye lens, 2 in 1 macro lens and wide angle lens that can help you in different instances. The lenses are made of aluminum, adding durability and safety to the lenses. In addition, YOPO Universal’s 3-in-1 Clip-On Lens has a really useful lens clip that everyone will find impressive.

The lens kit is compatible with several devices, including iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, iPad 4, 2, Air etc.

  • Price: $ 17.68
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. Universal Hot Spot 3-in-1 Clip-On Lens Clip

Hot Spot Universal 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Clip is a combination of a wide angle lens, 180 degree fisheye lens and a 10X macro lens. Including the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 4, 4S and Samsung smartphones, the Universal Hot Spot 3-in-1 Clip-On lens clip will work with almost all popular smartphones, and will certainly be a good companion for iPhonographers. You will have to unscrew to separate wide-angle lens and macro lens and it is a task of simplicity.

  • Price: $ 8.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

5. Universal Generic Clip-On Lens Kit 3 in 1

If you need an iPhone camera lens kit that supports almost all of your smartphones, including iPhone 6 and earlier, with a universal clip design and color that matches your iPhone, Lens Kit 3 in 1 Universal Clip-On is an incredible choice indeed. While the strong build of the lens kit ensures the safety of the Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Generic Clip-On, the quality of optical lenses is excellent.

  • Price: $ 8.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

6. CamKix Camera Lens Kit for iPhone

If you need an iPhoneography camera kit instead of a single lens, you should definitely check out this iPhone Camera Lens Kit from CamKix. This kit is quite impressive as far as a photographer is concerned. You can get several lenses, including Telephoto Lens, Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens and Wide Angle Lens. In addition to these lens collections, you can have a mini tripod that helps you shoot without shaking, while the universal phone holder protects your devices from accidental damage that may occur during photography. In addition, you can use the hard case to connect these lenses easily. This kit is only compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S.

  • Compatible with: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S only
  • Price: $ 36.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. NEEWER 3 in 1 Lens Kit

The NEEWER 3-in-1 Lens Kit is yet another lens kit that iPhoneographers will find quite useful! With truly impressive design and construction, the NEWER 3 in 1 Lens Kit brings crisp, fresh photos to your iPhone. You can make use of the fisheye lens, wide angle lens or macro lens using this 3 in 1 Lens kit and we hope that the set serves the job well, as far as a typical photographer is concerned. The kit is made of high quality aluminum that is quite durable. NEEWER 3 in 1 Lens Kit is compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

  • Compatible iPhone: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S only
  • Price: $ 8.01
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. CamKix Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 4

The CamKix Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 4 is a relatively affordable option if you are looking for an incredible camera lens kit for the iPhone 4 or 4S. You can have a telephoto lens – which can be used to capture frames that are really out – a universal phone holder, mini tripod and phone bag with this camera lens kit, making things easier for an iPhoneographer who is also passionate ; its telescopic lens offers 8x zoom, which is quite impressive. Overall, the CamKix iPhone 4 Camera Lens Kit is quite impressive. CamKix Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 4 is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

  • Price: $ 26.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

9. Camera Lens Kit for iPhone LEDEBONG

LEDEBONG Camera Lens Kit for iPhone will be an excellent solution for you if you are looking for an iPhone camera lens that allows you to capture distant objects by zooming. Using the 12x optical zoom functionality of this telescopic lens, you would be able to get the job done quite easily. On the other hand, the Mini Aluminum Tripod Holder and Universal Phone Holder of the LEDEBONG Camera Lens Kit ensures that your device fits well with the telescopic lens, to help you get some of the best fittings. The only problem with the LEDEBONG Camera Lens Kit for iPhone is that its support is limited to the iPhone 6 Plus, but exclusivity guarantees quality, you know!

  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. BW telescope camera lens

If your iPhone 4 or 4S needs an upgrade to your camera, in terms of zoom capabilities, the BW Telescope Camera Lens is a superb iPhone camera lens for you. Entirely made of high quality aluminum, both the telescope lens and the telescopic tripod will be quite impressive when it comes to your work. There is also a manual focus ring that allows you to adjust the focus of the lens to suit your aesthetic sense and the power of photography. Without types, wires or batteries, the BW Telescopic Camera Lens is a worthy companion for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

  • Price: $ 23.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

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By the way, iPhoneographers, it’s your turn to tell us what you think about the camera lenses of iPhone listed here? Which one will you buy?