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10 best apps to watch TV channels on Android

Many older phones have invested in the option of watching TV on Android, but that only made the device more expensive and not everyone liked the feature. Still, there are many users who like to have this possibility, but with much more freedom and less limitations. Fortunately, today there is how to choose what and when you want to watch on smartphones.

Many channels and subscription plans offer the same content as they do on TV. Also, there are apps that allow you to watch TV on Android live. To check out the best apps for all this, just check out our tips below!

1. Sky Online

watch tv on android

Our first recommendation to Sky subscribers, one of Brazil's most popular pay TV services. Basically, this app lets you keep track of your plan's channel programming and use Sky Club Online.

This is for watching movies and TV shows on Android by paying a rent. It's a very interesting alternative for those who have the plan and don't usually see everything on TV. You can check more through the link.

2. JustWatch

JustWatch is a slightly different option. After all, it allows you to choose a provider or a TV channel to watch your content that you want available from there.

This goes for Netflix, Crackle and other TV channels that may be available in your region. If you prefer, you can even search for the specific movie or program and it gives you the option to watch. You can download the app via the link.

3. Telecine Play

Telecine Play is a very interesting way to see the content of Telecine channels on your smartphone. As you can imagine, one of the best to see very recent movies, since this is one of the specialties of the channel.

It is worth mentioning that the movies have audio and subtitle options and can still be watched in HD. The layout and interface of the app is still quite intuitive and easy to use. You can check more through the link.

4. NET Now

NET Now is very similar to what we saw in the Sky Online app. You can view the programming of NET channels, information about your subscription plan and much more.

Not surprisingly, you can also access movies, shows, and channel shows that are part of your package. It is worth mentioning that you can also rent movies just from the cinema. Check out more through the link.

5. HBO Go

apps to watch movies and series hbo go

Already HBO Go, as the name already makes clear, the service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on Android. Of course the service itself is paid for, but the good news is that you don't have to have an expensive subscription plan for it.

You only need to subscribe to the app itself, which costs only 30 reais a month. Still, you can enjoy the free app for a month. You can check more through the link.

6. Globe Play

If you like Globo programs and soap operas, whether newer or older, you need to have the Globo Play app. With it, you have full access to open channel programming over the internet.

You can watch past episodes, movies and exclusive series on the service, and even sneak in and see your favorite soap opera chapter before it even airs. Check out more about Globo Play through the link.

7. Live Play

Like many carriers, Vivo also has its choice of movies, shows and TV shows on Android. Vivo Play has about 50 channels that you can watch live.

In addition, the app also has its own catalog of movies and series that you can follow whenever you want. If you are interested, you can check more and download the app via the link.

8. Tubi TV

We can also recommend Tubi TV on Android. It adds new movies and series weekly, so you always have the right content to watch whenever and wherever you want.

It is worth mentioning that videos, whether movies, series or programs are always available in Full HD and for free. If you wish, the app can even suggest options of what to see according to your preferences. You can check and download the app via the link.

9. Live TIM

Another alternative is to use Live Tim and its subscription service. This way you will be able to watch the open TV channels and some pay TV exclusives directly on your Android smartphone.

It's nice that these channels can be accessed by your Smart TV, your computer or a mobile device if you prefer. You can check out more via the link.

10. SBT TV

TV on Android SBT

As we present an option to view the content of Globo, I can not fail to recommend one of SBT too. TV SBT is the official channel app for Android and lets you watch shows in full.

You can also check the channel grid schedule and set reminders for what you want to watch. You can download the app via the link.

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Did you like the options to watch TV on Android?

Could you use our list to find good options for watching TV channels on Android? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if you have another suggestion that should be on the list.