10 best apps to tune the guitar

If you are starting to play the guitar or are already experienced in the area, you will surely use some tuning to ensure that the sound always comes out as it should be.

To do this, we select the best apps to tune the guitar, with options for both veterans and beginners.

1. GuitarTuna

The first of the GuitarTuna guitar tuning apps. It is one of the best, most complete and easiest to use that is available for download. He helps with the tuning of the most varied string instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, banjo and violin, among others.

In addition to tuning, the app offers a metronome where you can control beat speed, a chord library, some tabbed music, learning games and a chromatic tuner. All this is in a very intuitive and simple interface. To download it, go to the Play Store or the App Store.

screenshot of one of the guitar tuning apps

2. Tuner Club Cipher

This is an app created by one of the best known Brazilian music sites. You can find ciphers and tabs, lyrics and instructions on how to play music, among others. In it, it is possible to tune almost any string instrument, using the chromatic and string tuners to string.

Using the chromatic tuner, you can find the desired tone by using an indicator on the screen; in the other, the tuning for each string. The Chords Tuner Club has a large amount of different tuning already in the free version. The pro version, which pays, brings even more options.

Download the app for Android or iOS. It also has a browser version, which we covered in our article about the best online tuners.

3. DaTuner

DaTuner is one of our list-tuning guitar apps that offers an extremely simple interface to attract users. Despite being one of the most accurate apps, it only releases many of its features through the paid Pro version.

DaTuner has no dead zones, quickly tunes, lets you filter specific notes, and has frequency tuning for reference, helping to tune almost any instrument. If you want to download this chromatic tuner, follow this link for the Android version. It has no iPhone version.

4. Guitar Tuner – Tune Your Guitar, Ukulele

Another of the guitar tuners and other string instruments – including pianos! It completely free and recommended for anyone who plays a musical instrument, whether seasoned or novice.

Extremely accurate, it includes an integrated tuning fork (which allows the user to generate tones from 1 Hz to 22,050 Hz) to tune through the ear and offers several alternative sharpenings. It is available exclusively for Android through the Play Store.

Guitar Tuner - Tune Your Guitar, Ukulele Guitar Tuning Apps

5 Best Tuner

One of the most accurate guitar tuning apps for Best Tuner. It has three different tuning modes for any string instrument. The app has already been tested by several professional musicians, who approved it.

The modes offered are Auto, Sound and Play; the first for automatic tuning by the microphone, the second for you to select specific tones to tune, and the latter generates sounds from the selected frequency. Head over to the Play Store to download it, where it is available for Android.

6 Tuner and Metrnome

This is another easy-to-use alternative that allows the user to tune their instruments, whether they are stringed or winded, as well as other variants. It also has a metronome, which can be synchronized with the flash of your smartphone.

You can record the music you are playing and select the rhythm pattern, as well as use the chromatic or tuning-mode tuner. It also has tuning of compound instruments, which is a major differential of it. Download for Android or iOS.

7. CoachTuner – Beginner Guitar Tuner

One of the best apps to tune the guitar is the CoachTuner, ideal for beginners. It offers quick tuning for just four instruments, guitar, guitar, bass and ukulele, using your microphone for that.

It offers free tutorials on how to tune, showing the order of which strings to play. It also has a wide range of chords and various tuning options, so you can choose the right one for the music you want to play. Download CoachTuner for iOS from the App Store.

CoachTuner Apps for Fine Tuning

Using this application you can tune various stringed instruments very easily. Some examples are the guitar, guitar, bass, violin and ukulele, among others. In CF Tune you will find several ways to tune your instruments, including chromatic tuner and instrument specific tuners.

It features a tone generator, metronome, many alternative tunings, transposition, and more. iPhone-only and can be downloaded via the link.

9. Free Guitar Tuner

Among the guitar tuning applications, the Free Guitar Tuner identifies which instrument you are playing and automatically adapts to it. It also has a metronome and is very easy to use.

The app offers dozens of different tunings, shows several basic chords, and even lets you tune in by listening to the tone the strings should have for you to tune. Download for Android from the Play Store.

10. Free Guitar Tuner – Fender Tune

We've reached the end of our list of apps to tune the guitar with the app from Fender, one of the biggest brands of guitars, basses and guitars. It has 26 different tunings, automatic mode, various tuners for guitar and guitar, in addition to a chromatic mode.

Free Guitar Tune has dozens of chords and scales and helps you improve your ability to follow the beat of the music. In its Pro version it offers 40 more tunings, real-time visual feedback and frequency references while tuning. To download, follow to the App Store or Play Store.

Fender Tune Apps for Fine Tuning

And what did you think of the apps to tune the guitar?

Leave us comments if you already knew any of them or if you know an alternative that you consider superior. Also, tell them if you have found an ideal option for you to use when you want to tune any of your instruments. Be sure to check out our list of apps to identify music by sound!