10 best apps for Instagram biography

The Instagram biography is really important for those who want to make money through the platform. With it, you can communicate a lot of information to your followers. Here, we select the best apps for Instagram biography, so you can improve yours.

Read on to find out which ones are all, choose the one that best suits your needs and start using it right now!


To start our list, we have Apptuts’ own software, developed entirely in Portuguese, being a great advantage compared to many of the alternatives that are only available in English.

Through you can easily create a link to direct your followers to links on other pages. It is free to use, even if it has a paid version. In the free one, you have access to be able to personalize your link, put a photo in the description and use several different themes. Start using now by accessing the link! apps for Instagram biography


Another of the best apps for Instagram biography is, which has a free version. However, it is exclusive in English and can be a bit of a hindrance to users.

Unfortunately, it has few features, making this app somewhat less desired. It has few editing possibilities, being a very basic platform. However, in the paid version you get customizable fund plans and more. Find out more and try Linkr.inaccessing the link!

3. Linkkle

A very simple solution that is also found among the alternatives to Linktree, the Linkkle more complete than the item above, although it has less options than many of the other alternatives.

Among the main and most important functionalities of the platform are the report on the clicks made on the links configured here and the complete lack of watermark in everything produced with Linkkle.

On the negative side, there are the ads that appear on your screen while using Linkkle. However, just paying 5 dollars as a single payment to remove them permanently. Get to know Linkkle through the link.

4. Swipop

Another of the apps for Instagram biography is Swipop, highly recommended for influencers on Instagram, as it allows you to create a link to a content sales page, similarly to Instagram followers like Bume.

It is very easy to use and free, however unfortunately it does not allow the inclusion of images on the capture page, besides offering very few customization options. Follow the link and start using it right now!

Swipop apps for Instagram biography

5. Link in Profile

A landing page tool that can be used to help you gain followers on Instagram, Link in Profile has a big difference compared to conventional capture pages: this link takes you to different business pages, without restrictions.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can then analyze which accesses to your sites came through links on Instagram. It is very simple and easy to use, but it does not have a free version, only with a trial period. Check the link.

6. Tap Bio

We also have Tab Bio among the best Instagram bio apps. It is very easy to use, with an intuitive interface that simulates mobile platforms using computer browsers.

Among the main functionalities, there is the possibility to fully customize the page, even the buttons that lead to its pages and the inclusion of a background to them. Free to use, can be checked by accessing the link.


Another very good and complete option, allows you to create links to post on all social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or, of course, Instagram.

It has a free plan, which allows you to customize the page of links, including the brand’s logo and changing the background color. However, it has a watermark, which can be removed when using the premium plan. Click on the link to learn more about apps for Instagram biography

8. ContactInBio

We also have ContactInBio among the alternatives of applications for Instagram biography. It has a really large number of features, exceeding almost all alternatives (if not all) of our list in this regard.

Through it, you can create a landing page, add contact form, include blocks of text, image carousel, buttons for your social media and much more. Account with free and paid version. Follow the link to know more!

9. Linktree

Linktree is possibly the best known alternative among all that I include. It is really simple and easy to use and learn, even with a relatively complete free plan.

In your PRO plan (which currently costs 6 dollars per month) you have access to the most varied things, such as videos on your pages, options for complete analysis of your links, many premium themes to use and much more. Go to the official website to find out everything.

10. Lynx

Finally, we have Lynx, a really good website that is easy to use and register, offering several tools and functionalities very useful for when customizing your links.

With the free plan, you can add up to 5 links, have a random URL, choose from some themes and some more features. In the premium, the link restrictions are removed, you can customize your URL and use the background image, among others. Check the link!

What did you think of our selection of apps for Instagram biography?

Leave in the comments if you already knew any of the options we chose to include here and which is your favorite. Also check out our list of the best Instagram bio phrases, check out the most used Instagram hashtags and find out how to best organize your Instagram feed!