10 best apple pencil accessories you should buy

10 best apple pencil accessories you should buy

Apple Pencil was launched along with the iPad Pro line and proved to be a great tool for digital artists.

In addition, it got even better with the launch of the new iPad Pro models in 2017.

It is sensitive to pressure and tilt, allowing users to draw lines of different widths and shadows, just as they could with an original pencil.

The Apple Pencil design is truly unique and unlike any other pen on the market.

The surface is clean and smooth with a glossy white paint that makes it stand out clearly from its competitors.

However, its smooth design, which although it looks good, also makes it a transport risk.

There is no way to carry it safely and the chances of you losing it are just that of AirPods.

Fortunately, there are some Apple Pencil accessories that can help alleviate this problem and some.

So, if you have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, Here are the top 10 Apple Pencil accessories you should buy:


Apple Pencil Skins

Although the pure white color of the Apple Pencil looks very good, it never hurts to add some extra color to it.

Using a skin will allow you to do this.

Not only that, skins also help protect the pencil from scratches and provide a little more grip.

The two best companies that produce skins for Apple Pencil are dbrand and SlickWraps.

Although SlickWrap has the largest collection, the original pencil skin from dbrand is my favorite.

If you don’t like the classic pencil look and want something unique, you can check out the Creative Series Skins for Apple Pencil by SlickWraps.

In addition to the creative series, SlickWraps also has the usual carbon fiber series, Wood series and Leather series skins, among others.

Give your pencil a unique look by using a skin.

By From: (dbrand / SlickWraps)


Apple MoKo pencil case

As I said earlier, carrying your Apple Pencil in your bag can be a nightmare.

It is very easy to lose it in the bag and the ends and caps come off very easily.

If you are looking for a case that can help you protect and carry your Apple Pencil, check out the MoKo Pencil Case.

THE outer layer is made of leather, while the interior is lined with a scratch-free microfiber cloth . The case is also waterproof .

You also receive additional pockets for storing accessories, such as a charging cable or extra covers or tips.

The Apple Pencil Case in this price range is a bargain.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 7.99)


Belkin Carrying Case With Apple Pencil Holder

If you can spend a little more on a case, this offer from Belkin is the only one to be purchased.

Not only does the case hold your Apple Pencil securely, it also has space to store an extra tip, cap and spoke adapter .

An extra feature that this case brings over the MoKo case is that it also has a holder where you can store your pencil when in use (see photo).

As for the case itself, the exterior is made of shiny polycarbonate material, which is sturdy and also looks good, while the interior sports a non-scratch fabric lining.

Rest assured, your pencil will be in good hands when you use this case.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 29.99)


Fintie Apple Pencil Holder

If you don’t want to carry most of the other case when traveling, take a look at the Fintie Apple pencil holder with a built-in USB adapter pocket.

Support is basically a leather cover for your pencil with an elastic which can be stretched to fit all iPad Pros.

The idea here is to tie the pencil to the iPad Pro case, so you don’t have to carry an extra pencil.

It also has a small pocket on the bottom that can store the USB adapter quite securely.

This will help you carry your Pencil without adding any extra volume to the bag.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 6.99)


Apple TechMatte Pencil Dock / Charging Dock

We all know that the main thing that is wrong with the Apple Pencil design is its charging solution.

You will either have to use a lightning adapter or you will need to charge it by connecting it to your iPad.

While the first option is only slightly inconvenient, the second is an accident while waiting.

The best way to load your pencil is to buy a loading dock.

This offer from TechMatte is good, as it does the job with an elegant appearance at the same time.

The dock itself is made of aluminum and it looks premium.

The dock also comes with a 5 feet long charging cable .

In addition to carrying, it can also serve as a support for the Pencil.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 19.99)


Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil can be uncomfortable if you use it for a long time at a time.

The adhesion problem can be solved using a skin, but the discomfort will remain.

If you are someone who works long hours using Apple Pencil, I advise you to buy an ergonomic grip for him, like this one from Plus.

The grip is made of soft silicone material that has a curved width which allows you to adjust the grip to your preferences.

A must have product for digital artists and designers who work with the pencil daily.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 25)


Apple Cap Cap Case by Cozy Industries

As I mentioned earlier, the Apple Pencil case is very easy to get lost as it is removed regularly for billing purposes.

The Apple Pencil case from Cozy Industries can help alleviate this problem.

Basically, they offer covers with an extended rubber arm that can be attached to the own Pencil .

An extra unforeseen advantage of using this product is that it will prevent the pencil from rolling on a surface, even when placed horizontally.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 4.99)


Apple pencil tips

No matter how many precautions you take, there is still a chance of losing the cap or the tip of the pencil.

While losing a cap isn’t as important, as you can get a new one without breaking your workflow, losing a tip can keep you from dying.

It is always best to keep a few extra tips, even if only as a precaution.

You can buy a package containing four tips from Apple itself.

Buy from Apple: ($ 19)


FRTMA Magnetic Glove for Apple Pencil

If you love how the Surface Pen can stick to your primary machine and want to add this feature to your Apple Pencil, this case will help you do just that.

The sleeve is made in silicone with six embedded magnets .

The magnets are strong enough to securely attach Pencil to the iPad Pro or any metal surface.

THE Soft silicone material ensures it will be comfortable to hold and it also increases your grip on the pencil.

This is a small but smart accessory.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 12.99)


Chrome Clip

This is a type of DIY solution and not an accessory made specifically for the Apple Pencil.

This is a chrome clip designed for bullet pens, but it fits the pencil perfectly.

You can attach it to your Apple Pencil and make it easier to carry in your shirt pocket .

You can also use the clip to store the Pencil safely inside your bag, so that it does not fall off when the bag is in motion.

Buy from Amazon: ($ 11.55)

Best Apple Pencil Accessories You Can Buy

Well, those were some of the best Apple Pencil accessories out there.

You can use these accessories to improve the aesthetics, protection and ease of use of your Apple Pencil.

Apple pencil costs a lot and losing or breaking one will hurt you financially.

It is better to be prepared before the tragedy strikes.

Let us know in the comments section below which of the items above is your favorite Apple Pencil accessory.

Also, shoot the accessories you already own and deserve a place on that list.

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