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10 Apps To Learn To Program

One area of ??work that has become very popular in recent years is that of a developer of software, websites, and the like. In addition, it is also an area that can be quite fun for the most studious.

If you fall into either category or know one that fits, it's a great idea to keep reading this article about the best apps to learn how to program on any device, whether it's mac, iOS, Android, or Windows.

1. Grasshopper

The first of the apps to learn to program on our list is probably one of the best, since it is developed by one of today's biggest technology companies, Google. It has applications for Android and iOS smartphones, so just have one of the devices to start learning.

This app tries to teach programming through play and a lot of interactivity, unlike the stricter lesson standard. The course offered by him is very complete, having three learning tasks, with achievements and progress bars, which serve as motivators to continue using.

Unfortunately, it is only available in English; If you still want to see more about it, just follow the app's official page.

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<h2>2. Udemy</h2>
<p>This is a paid learning platform that covers all possible areas of knowledge, including programming. Their courses are taken by experienced teachers who sell them at affordable prices due to constant promotions.</p>
<p>The courses are almost always supported by forums and even private contact with teachers, which counts as a positive point and can be found in any language, including Portuguese, being extremely accessible to the Brazilian people.</p>
<p>The platform has apps to learn how to program on both Android and iPhone, as well as supporting all the best browsers. If you are interested in this platform, just go to the site.</p>
<h2>3. Udacity</h2>
<p>This is one of the most popular applications of its kind, with over 1.5 million users. He offers free English classes on various areas such as encryption, program design, Android application development, HTML and CSS introduction, and many others.</p>
<p>It has over 40 course options, which, when selected, shows the user a preview of what is coming and being able to start using the video and text lessons taken by the teachers.</p>
<p>If the user wants to use the paid version, with teacher feedback and certificate of completion, however, a fee of nearly $ 200 per month is required. Click the link to go to the official site and see more about the platform.</p>
<h2>4. SoloLearn</h2>
<p>Another of the apps to learn how to program this is SoloLearn, which offers free classes on a wide range of topics, including of course programming.</p>
<p>All courses offered contain videos and quizzes to aid learning and each time the user gets the answers right, they get points that help measure performance and improvement over time, as well as compare with other users.</p>
<p>It has only English, browser and any Android or iOS smartphone apps; To see more, click the link.</p>
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5. Khan Academy

This is one of the oldest learning platforms for any subject, including programming; A few years ago, the community began to endeavor not only to subtitle the entire content, but to make Portuguese versions, which is excellent.

Most of the video content, as much as it also has some texts and various quizzes and tests so that the user can measure their knowledge better. If you want to see more, just follow the link.

6. RoboMind

Another of the applications to learn to program RoboMind, which is very interactive and fun to use, that teaches to program in an innovative way, since it comes in game form and not in the form of course.

In the game, the user has to control a small robot, using the commands provided by the platform itself, such as frontFront, Left turn, among others. It has several levels, helping to develop an excellent notion of algorithms. Click the link if you want to read more.

7. Codecademy: Hour of Code

This application is unique to iOS and teaches the user many more early functions, such as the basic structure of a code. To use, just open the application and select which lesson you want.

If you want to continue using the platform to write your own code, it is also possible for the browser version of it. The course is completely free, but unfortunately only in English. If you want to see more, click on the link.

codecademy apps to learn how to program

8. Code School

This is one of the apps to learn how to program that, unfortunately, paid without any free version. It pays off by being excellent at what it does, with millions of users. It has dozens of courses, with over forty, on subjects like JavaScript, HMTL / CSS, Ruby and Rails, Git and iOS.

The application also allows its users to download the videos to watch when they are without internet or only with mobile data. It costs $ 29 per month to use and, if you are interested, just go to the official website.

9. Codemurai

If you are just starting to learn how to program, this app may be just right for you, offering a very engaging and fun way of learning. The user can learn a variety of programming skills from subject matter expert courses.

With the app, you can learn to learn in many different languages, such as CSS, C #, JavaScript, Python, iOS, Unity 3D, and many others. The free app with in-app purchases; To see more, go to a play store.

10. Enki

Another great application for learning how to program this one, which offers, besides this subject, courses on numerous topics, allowing the user to learn whatever he wants.

Its learning method is quite relaxed and only requires 5 minutes of use per day, even using jigsaw puzzles and coding mini games. To see more about it, follow the link.

And what did you think of our list of the best apps to learn how to program?

Leave in the comments if you already knew any of these platforms or already used them. Tell us if we forget your favorite one and leave your opinion about the future of programming.