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10 apps to have ciphers of your songs

As you begin to learn an instrument, you will soon come across the need to have access to music ciphers so you can play them. You can also use them to learn music you don't know yet.

In this article, we listed some of the best apps to have ciphers of your songs. You can see ciphers of almost any song through your smartphone at your fingertips.

1. Club Tabs

If you play music, surely you know Cifra Club, one of the best known apps to have ciphers of your music. It offers more than 413 thousand different numbers, featuring releases, classics and the most popular of various music styles such as pop, country, rock and MPB, among many others.

In addition, you can also learn to trade various instruments, such as guitar and guitar, as well as music theory. The app has a collection of over 2000 video lessons. If you want to download, follow the links to download it on Android or iOS.

Chords Club

2. Chords – Official App

Another one of the best known and best sites that offer applications to have ciphers of their songs is Cipras. It offers ciphers and tabs for a large number of different instruments such as guitar, guitar, piano, keyboard and bass, among others.

It has many features for users, such as automatic scrolling, voice search, chord simplification and music tone switching, plus more than 1700 video lessons for those just starting to play instruments. Head over to the official site to see more or download to Android via the link.

3. Music Theory Helper

This is another great app for those learning music. Music Theory Helper offers several different instructions for the student. Ciphers, exercises, intervals, scales and fifth circle are some of the examples.

The types of exercises offered are: listening to ciphers and intervals, as well as the practice of writing and reading the notes, and also intervals. All this you find in a very simple and easy to use interface, offered in a completely free app for Android.

4. MobiDic Chords

This is one of the best app options for having your music ciphers at your fingertips. In addition to a large number of guitar and guitar ciphers, it offers an illustrated dictionary of chords with photos.

In it, the user has access to over 5000 chords, all accompanied by pictures indicative of how he made it and the sound it should produce. You can access them by searching lists of chord technique and type, as well as individual cipher searching.

This is an application developed by Brazilians, tested and approved by various musicians of our lands that many listen to using music players, such as Yamandu Costa, Nelson Faria, Daniel S and Gustavo Assis-Brasil, among others.

To download, follow the link and download it for free on Android or the App Store, where the paid app.

MobiDic applications to have ciphers of your songs

5. Cipher +

This is another application to have ciphers of their music developed by Brazilians, with several interesting features. As not as complete as before, you can import music ciphers into your iPhone or iPad.

Within the app, you can edit the numbers, search and organize them. You can also skip to the next with a gesture, change background color, use automatic scrolling, change the tone of the song, and, as stated, import the ciphers from .txt format. To download, follow to the App Store.

6. DataCipher

This is a cipher manager app, whereby users can always access their ciphers, easily organize them, create rehearsal lists, search them by title, reference or song lyrics, edit songs and more.

On the platform, you can assign audio notes to the songs, link YouTube links to the songs, or download them for free from the web. You can also import ciphers from .txt files, import .dtc files from the Windows app, export PDF music, or share music on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

To download for iOS, follow the link at the App Store, and to purchase on Windows, click this link.

7. Ciphers

This is a free and exclusive Android app that gives you access to a huge number of different tabs and tabs. With this application, the user can access the ciphers from anywhere and set up his repertoire of ciphered songs, with offline access whenever he wants.

Here you can search online for more ciphers or import text files to your smartphone, link your MP3 music to ciphers, arrange them alphabetically, auto scroll, cipher cleanup, and more. To download, click this link for the free version.Ciphers apps to have ciphers of your songs

8. My Free Chords

This is another application to have ciphers of its songs that is exclusive to Android, allowing the user to use it even if without internet connection, including the free version.

In it, you can store all your ciphers in one place. You can also change ciphers, change their tone quickly, and export files that can be uploaded to other users' profile in My Ciphers. To download, click the link at the Play Store.

9. Offline Chords

This is one of the best application alternatives to have ciphers of your songs on your smartphone, again exclusive to Android. It offers, in its free version, almost 200,000 encrypted songs and tablatures of over 7,450 different artists, as well as a chord dictionary with over 5100 variations of the 800 chords offered.

You can control the pitch of the song, change the speed of auto scrolling, search for artists and songs by name, download more ciphers that are not included, manually enter songs and change ciphers.

To download the free version, follow the link; now, to download the plus version with 360,000 encrypted songs and tabs from over 53,900 artists, click this link.

10. Songsterr

We've come to the end of our list with Songsterr, one of the best music cipher apps, which offers over half a million ciphers and tabs to choose from, which one you want to play for guitar, bass and drums, among others.

The numbers are of the highest quality and you can control the speed you want the tablature to follow. It also has an offline mode and the ability to listen to only the instrument you are learning. To download, follow the link at the Play Store or App Store.

Songsterr apps to have ciphers of your songs

And what did you think of our list of applications to have ciphers of your songs?

Leave us your comments if you were able to take advantage of our article, also saying if you already used any of the apps we mentioned or if we forgot your favorite.

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