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10 Apps To Chat With Foreigners

One thing that has become increasingly common is the desire to learn new languages ‚Äč‚Äčbesides those already spoken. A major problem faced, however, is the difficulty of implementing the plan to communicate with native speakers of the languages ‚Äč‚Äčin question. So the need for apps to chat with foreigners.

With that in mind, we created this list where we talk about some of the best apps for talking to foreigners. Trying to talk to people from other countries is one of the best ways to learn and increase your proficiency in your target language, be it English, Spanish, French or any other.

Check it out below!

1. HelloTalk

This is one of the best alternatives that allow people to contact foreigners. HelloTalk brings a lot of features that help you a lot in learning from both parties.

This platform has over 15 million users worldwide and supports over 150 different languages. You will have plenty of help to establish efficient and clear communication, such as translation, transliteration, correction and pronunciation options.

The app gives your users the ability to chat via text, voice or video calls, all to bring people together and make learning easier. To see more information, head over to the official site, where you can use it in any of the best browsers or download for iOS and Android.


2. Hello Pal

Another of the best app options for chatting with foreigners is Hello Pal, which is very effective despite its simplicity. Here you can chat with people from anywhere in the world, so you can improve on languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are foreign to you.

In this app, you get pronunciation and spelling tips, as well as obviously always talking to foreign people. Right at the start of the conversation, you can select from one of several predefined phrases, allowing even novices in the language to chat.

It has a large amount of tools, ensuring efficient communication between users. Go to your official website if you want to start using, and you can also download apps on Android or iOS.

3. HiNative

Another great alternative for learning new languages ‚Äč‚Äčthrough foreign chat applications is HiNative, a platform where speakers of other languages ‚Äč‚Äčare available to answer questions posted by other users.

This platform focuses on the question and answer aspect, second among the chat among users. Nonetheless, HiNative works excellently on what it sets out to do, earning a spot on our list. Head over to the official website to see more and download the smartphone app version.

4. Speaky

This is one of the platforms that offer the possibility for the user to contact other people who also make use of the application. Both can talk to native speakers of the languages ‚Äč‚Äčthey wish to learn, enhancing their proficiency

You can chat by text or by call – both voice and video – with people who share interests with you. It has thousands of active users at any given time. Visit the official page to get started using it or download apps for your smartphone.

Speaky apps to chat with foreigners

5. Busuu

This is one of the apps for chatting with foreigners that has many extra features, such as lessons and full language lessons you want to learn. The corrections are made by the native speaker community.

Once you select which language you want to learn, you can choose whether you want to talk to foreigners so you can improve your pronunciation and correct mistakes that would go unnoticed. Check out all about the platform on the official site, and can also download apps for Android or iPhone.

6. Tandem

This is one of the best alternatives on our list, offering the ability to learn almost any language when speaking to native speakers of the target language. The process of meeting new people is quick and simple, as the platform has over 5 million users.

It works almost like a social network where you can follow people, be followed and leave reviews about the other users you have spoken to. To see more information, head over to the official website or download it on your Android or iOS.

7. Greengow

Another option among applications for talking to foreigners is Greengow, which has a giant international community. In it, the user can talk to other people from anywhere in the world, including using an instant translator.

It translates everything that was said or written to the target language, even during voice calls. You can also write text messages in the language of your choice. Follow the link to see more about the platform.

Greengow apps to chat with foreigners

8. Bilingual

This is one of the great apps for chatting with foreigners, aiming to offer users a fun and easy educational experience. This is evident considering the features of the app.

One of them is ‚Äúsmart chat‚ÄĚ, which gives suggestions on what to talk about, so you never run out of business. It also helps you talk to people who share interests with you. Click the link to start using the app.

9. InterPals

This is another great platform that gives its users the ability to chat with people from other countries, helping a lot in learning new languages. It has a huge amount of different languages ‚Äč‚Äčand thousands of active users at any given moment.

It is only available for Android browsers and smartphones, with no iOS version, but completely free. So if you want to form new friendships with foreigners, this is an excellent option. Follow the link at the official page to sign up.

10. Idyoma

This is the last of the apps to talk to foreigners on our list. Originally from Spain, it connects to other users who are in the same area or who will travel to the same place. Users can even meet in person for a live chat session.

Its clean interface is quite simple to use, as well as offering guides within the app itself. They help you have the best language changes possible. To see more, go to the official website.

Idyoma apps to chat with foreigners

And what did you think about our list of apps for talking to foreigners?

Leave your comments in your comments and don't forget to say if you already knew any of the options we listed and were already using them. Do not forget also to mention if we do not include your favorite.

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