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10 Apps for kids

Hello friends, this is October, month of the children and for this reason I decided to give a little to you who love to see their little ones playing with our fabulous tablets. The special iPad for this amazing time your child is in, from the smallest to the biggest.

Any child who is stimulated by a tablet develops more easily by learning interactively and having fun. On this Children's Day gift for iPad apps and games, your little one will love it as he loves his iPad and learns a lot from playing with the tablet.

But, not all party, I would recommend that an adult always accompany children using their iPad, the fragile tablet screen, any fall can be fatal and children do not have so developed the sense of care.

Also because sometimes they end up buying articles involuntarily, I talked about this problem and taught how to protect themselves in the article:

How to prevent children from involuntarily making In-App purchases, protect your pocket and card!

(app 414479653) This is truly one of the best kids games ever released on the App Store. And not just for kids, parents have a lot of fun with them too. Just several games in one, it's very worth it.

(app 495603622) Designed to teach your child words, with him your little one will learn the letters, write the words and all this in a very interactive and didactic way.

(app 435476174) Ideal for children from 4 years, the app is in English, but your little one can learn to write the first letters anyway. The beautiful App and has been hyper awarded around the world, always occupies the best positions in international stores.

(app 487682252) Bita's ABC is part of a series of top-quality, Portuguese-developed children's apps for your child to learn by playing.

(app 555171940) I recently talked about this game here on iPadTips, with him your child learn having fun because he aims to stimulate the learning of the names of colors, animals, objects and basic mathematics (sum). Everything has been developed with a very intuitive and fully illustrated, colorful and enjoyable graphic interface for children to learn by playing.

(app 454354262) Created by a Portuguese company the app will help you educate your children based on challenges. It will be much easier to stimulate them with jokes than ear pulling, right? In the Blink of an Eye poses a challenge and your little one will certainly try to hit you, tasks like getting ready to go out, putting on your clothes, brushing your teeth or making the bed will become jokes, not boring obligations.

(app 505205783) The Amazon in search of nature is not a little game, a textbook that your child will love. The illustrations are very well done and the story is delicious. Everything in the interactive app and care in the smallest detail.

(app 537244087) A few days ago I made a video review of this App, it is excellent for exercising your child's knowledge of geography. It's a lot of fun and well produced, it sure will be a lot easier to learn by playing.

(app 450795513) This game is a classic, your child can train motor coordination and logical thinking, very interesting for children over 5 years.

(app 524334658) For the little ones Amazing Alex is the best choice, your little duty should use trinkets to create a machine that works. He follows that consecrated style of The Incredible Machine (1992 Windows), the most grown-ups will remember.

And you? Have you thought about which Apps to buy for your child on Children's Day?

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