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10 advantages and disadvantages of working at home

Many people are losing their jobs or being relocated to remote locations to avoid contact as much as possible and to practice social detachment. If you find yourself in this position for the first time, here we select the biggest advantages and disadvantages of working at home

To get to know them all, keep reading our article where we even detail how to get around some of the biggest problems!

What are the advantages?

1. You do your own time

The first of the advantages and disadvantages of working at home and earning money is the fact that you will be able to work at any time you want. Better yet: you earn as you produce, not as many hours as you worked!

This is particularly good for those who have difficulty keeping to routines, for those who do not have regular sleep times or even do not want to have to wake up early!

You do your own time

2. There is no traffic

Another undeniable benefit is that those who have the privilege of working from home find a lack of traffic. Nowadays, with the state the cities are in, the route to get to work, school or wherever it is often, at least, one hour outward and one hour back. So, there is only a daily savings of 2 hours!

In addition, it is impossible not to stress (and a lot) in traffic, whether driving on your own or using public transport, such as buses or subways.

3. Cost reduction

Working from home can be an interesting way, too, to acquire passive “extra income”, since all the expenses that you would have previously had with locomotion, for example, will cease to exist and, with that, comes savings.

By saving time to be able to cook, you can save a lot, avoiding ordering food through iFood every day or going to restaurants – something not recommended with the recent coronavirus pandemic.

4. More flexibility

Another positive effect among the advantages and disadvantages of working at home is the enormous flexibility found by those who choose this type of service.

When working in your own home to make extra income on the internet, it is your sole responsibility as the decoration of the workplace will be, noise levels, you get the possibility to dress as you like and even take as many breaks as you want!

5. Better food

The last of the greatest benefits is in the quality of food for those who work at home. After all, by not having to go out every day and spend two hours (or more) in traffic, you can easily cook at home!

When cooking at home – check out recipe apps here – the menu is entirely up to you, allowing you to eat healthier and eat only the things you really like.

Better food advantages and disadvantages of working at home

What are the disadvantages?

1. You need more discipline

Possibly the most difficult part of working from home is to maintain discipline and focus without the constant incentive to know that your boss can arrive at any time.

So, if you have a hard time keeping in mind what needs to be done at work and producing what is expected of you, it can be extremely useful for you to use one of the best project management tools to manage your routine.

2. Social isolation

Another major problem of working on the Internet is the resulting social isolation, since nowadays most (or even all) of the socialization of adults happens in the work environment.

There are ways to get around this, of course, like using social networking sites and messaging apps like WhasApp or some of its many alternatives. If you have difficulties in talking, check out how to get here!

3. Balancing personal and work life

Among the advantages and disadvantages of working at home and generating your own income, we still have the difficulty encountered by many who exercise this profession of finding a good balance between their personal lives and work.

This can happen in two ways: you can have a hard time getting to work without looking for distractions on the computer. Alternatively, you may also find it difficult to define when your journey begins and when it ends.

A good tip to help overcome this situation is the following: find a way to work in your own office, a home office dedicated exclusively to this.

Balancing personal life and work advantages and disadvantages of working at home

4. Higher risk of overworking

If you have an addiction-prone personality, a concern in your head should be how to avoid becoming workaholic. To help you with this, we have a selection of the best time management tools. Using them, it is easier to limit how much you work per day.

Of course, it may not be enough, but try to avoid forgetting that, becoming workaholic, your personal life will suffer from your health.

5. Higher risk of working too little

Finally, the other side of the coin from the previous topic. By not having direct supervision, many may find it difficult to stay motivated and focused, ending up working very little or taking much more hours than they should to achieve their goals.

Doing so can end up becoming inefficient in the eyes of your contractor, which ignites the possibility of being fired. Get to know and test some productivity apps to escape this situation!

What about your article about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them, saying if you think we have not put any important ones. Also, remember to check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and how to choose the right digital bank for you!