10.11.4 code suggests that Apple will even change the system name from “OS X” to “macOS”

Name reference

iOS, watchOS, tvOS noticed the standard? Well, ?OS X? definitely doesn’t fit the current nomenclature for Apple’s operating systems. Therefore, many people believe that Ma will take advantage of the release of the future version of the desktop operating system to resolve this inconsistency.

Searching the OS X 10.11.4 codes, our reader Guilherme Rambo (which developer) found an FUFlightViewController_macOS.nib interface file within framework private FlightUtilities.

Name reference

Did you notice «MacOS»? Well, there is a possible indication that the system will change its name from the next version. Also according to Guilherme, the name of this file was changed in 10.11.4, which gives more weight to the thesis. However, I will go even further: as this year we will probably have the arrival of iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10, Apple will use to launch macOS 11 (instead of 10.12).

Rumors already indicate that one of the great news of this next version of OS X macOS will be the arrival of Siri. We will see what else comes by