1 in 4 Steam games run on Linux

Steam already has one Linux game out of four

The Linux game library continues to grow and today, 25% of Steam games are already running on Linux.

Steam Linux with 1/4 games available

Steam makes 1600 games available for Linux

Valve has invested a lot of time and money to start the development, but the development of the Linux game market will only take place after Steam Machines are in the field as well, and that should happen next year.

Currently there are more than 6,000 games on Steam, many of them run on Linux, we here from Diolinux have already tested several videos on our channel, follows the Playlist:

In fact, what needs to be improved in this respect is the hardware support and also the whim of the developers, without a doubt these are the two factors that still leave Linux behind in the games. Most games run perfectly on the system, but some still suffer from a lack of optimization.

Nvidia already gives reasonably decent support for the Penguin system while AMD still lacks, there are several factors that promise to change this picture in the future, AMD's new Open Source drivers, the so-called AMDGPU – click here to know more about him – and of course the long awaited Vulkan API, which is still being developed, Learn more about her at this address.

And you, usually play on Linux? What games do you have and enjoy playing most often? Tell us about your experience with penguin games.

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