1 Gbit in tests at Sonaecom

تريد CE اقتراحات لتقليل تكاليف تركيب شبكات الألياف

(Corrected) After Zon and PT guarantee that they are testing speeds far above those that are commercially available today in the residential market, it is now Sonaecom’s turn to reveal that it is also using its fiber network to try out new speeds.

The company guarantees that it is testing at 1 gigabit speeds. «It is already a reality in testing,» said administrator Luis Reis, on the sidelines of the Cisco Expo that takes place in Estoril, quotes Jornal de Negócios.

In the offer it maintains on the market, Sonaecom offers a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, combined with TV and telephone service, for which it charges close to 65 euros. 100 Mbps is also the maximum limit on offers from Zon and PT, according to packages announced last week for Meo Fibra.

According to recent statements, Zon will be testing offers supported at 200 and 300 Mbps and PT also maintains tests above 100 Mbps.

Luís Reis also guaranteed that Sonaecom’s plan to bring fiber to one million households by 2011 remains, referring to the project announced in September last year.

Editorial note: The news was corrected to specify the monthly fee for the top offer of Clix on fiber. Where you read close to 70 euros you should read close to 65 euros, since the price actually charged is 64.9 euros.