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1 app, 3 reviews – AndroidPIT reviews for Evernote Food

Today is another article from our series 1 app, 3 reviews, where three publishers of different nationalities review an Android app after testing it for several days. After a while, each brings the pros and cons of using the app. This week, the editors responsible for reviewing the Evernote Food app were Kamal, Alessandro and Isabel.

Evernote Food is the younger sister who specializes in meals from the well-known Evernote. The same principle: with the help of photos and short notes we can remember certain activities. In this case the foods. We love the idea, and you?


Italian site editor. Its first device was an HP iPAQ a hundred years ago. Uses Linux and loves everything open source. It believes any device that does not fit in your pocket, a tablet and not a smartphone. End of the story.

PrsWhat I liked about Evernote Food was the minimalistism and the clean design. It is also very intuitive and even anyone who has never used Evernote can easily take pictures of what they eat and write down all the useful information. It works great and within seconds you can share photos with other users. The best thing is that photos can be shared via a URL, so you don't have to have social networks or your friends to see them.

ConsAlthough the design is quite nice and simple, I would prefer to have bigger buttons to add a new note and take pictures. This would make the process faster, especially if you are using a small device. One thing I didn't like was that Evernote Food couldn't find my location when Foursquare did it in less than two minutes.


Editor for the German site. It has a Galaxy Note. He loves to play on his mobile but gets angry when he doesn't win. He considers himself addicted to new technology and music. He thinks one of the most important things in an app is its design. Tell the new applications: If you're not pretty, I'll erase you. Loves to eat.

PrsFor one thing, Evernote Food is one of the most useless applications on my smartphone. On the other hand, I am a fan of this app since it was submitted. I especially like the canvas, where the last three items or meals are well presented. In this case, the developers made a great project, nice and clean, something reminiscent of Polaroids.

On the other hand, I think it is worth saying that it is possible to integrate the photos not only for normal application of the camera phone, but also for other applications. This gives you the ability to edit your images and give them an artistic twist before uploading them to Evernote Food. Another very positive feature is the fast inputs. If you enable GPS, the date and time are set automatically. Everything else is introduced later, as the opinion about the food.

ConsWhat I did not like is that the smartphone automatically syncs with the normal Evernote app, I also have it installed, and the information is stored on it in a special section for meals. It would be better if it were optional. Other than that, I have nothing more to say against the application.


Publisher of the Spanish site. Studied Journalism. He has a Samsung Galaxy S and soon expects to purchase the Galaxy S3. Never played Angry Birds, but is enchanted by Ninja Fruit. It has no sense of direction, so that without a smartphone would be lost even in your own home. On the smartphone is not missing a good weather widget, which consults every hour. She loves to eat, but in the kitchen. For her, the tortilla without onions. F of scientific fiction and the possible future apocalpses. Interested in net neutrality. Speaks alone and self-contradictory. PrsIt is a very easy to use application with intuitive user interface, which is greatly appreciated. When you take a photo, it can be selected from any of the photo apps installed on the mobile device. In my case there are many so I can quickly choose. If you are used to using it (I have my favorite for meals) it can be set to do this automatically. You can also add it later gallery, which allows you to adjust and attach later. Something I found great that you can add more photos at the same event, at first I thought it was just one.

Another plus point that quickly detects location and time. Being able to record your meals and having a database with quick access to them is a great idea, especially when we are traveling and want to remember some places to recommend. For the question: "What did you eat yesterday? In any good restaurants? Now I have a quick answer and I can illustrate too. Evernote has come into my life, but there are still some problems, check below.

ConsI love photography apps and, on the other hand, I love to eat. So the perfect Evernote Food for me. I think it's useful, but the problem was with me, because I'm not used to using it. In most cases, I forgot. When I remembered, I didn't know if I had taken the picture or not, so I wasted a lot of time in front of the food making for a photograph. Also, when I have food in front of me, I want to eat! Another disadvantage that I could not install the application on my computer, because it is only available for Mac and Windows, I have Ubuntu.

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