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1 App, 3 Opinies: AndroidPIT reviews "Where is my Perry?"

Another week, another app. Each week, three members of our amazing editorial team share expert opinions on a specific application; both the positives and negatives. Here at AndroidPIT we are always showing a variety of views through our Android judging panel. Today we have Anna, Alessandro and Valentyna sharing the impressions of "Where is my Perry?".

"Where is my Perry?" Following Disney's blockbuster app "Wheres my Water. The game offers a familiar combination of crazy science experiments like you can use Lazers, ice, dirt and stone to build water ducts to your intended destination. download? Read on to find out!


Publisher of the french site. I wish I could put as main occupation in the curriculum: world traveler. obsessed with photo apps, zombie games and weather widgets. J argued with someone about the ringing of the phone, it was ridiculous. It has a Galaxy S2 with many fingerprints on it. Hates applications that send notifications when you have not asked to receive them. You can spend hours playing sudoku, even if the app is really rotten, but always conquered by good design. Loves giraffes, tiramisu and allergic in the sun.

PrsDisney is the undisputed master of animation and shows it in the graphics, colors and attention to detail in this game. For a non-scientific geek like me, it was good to take an intensive course in combustion, evaporation, solidification, and other topics after reaching just a few levels. Maybe I could go back to school now and pass this physics test. I enjoyed the search mode, which gave the game a nice pace and the collection of secret clues woke up the sleepy Sherlock Holmes in me.

Cons"Where is my Perry?" Fun, for sure. But at 25, playing a game in public where the protagonist a platypus on a fedora is not something I can stand. That said, I'm sure I'm not the app's target audience.

Besides, is there any kind of mental damage at Disney? Do you think they at least tried to hide the fact that "Where is my Perry?" It's a complete copy / paste job of "Wheres my Water? A little imagination so hard? I don't want to get into a big political-philosophical debate, but to navigate the success of" Water "with a mis-updated app and charge 0 $ 99 a bit low Giving money to a freelance developer has never been a problem for me, but a fattening of the world's biggest studios is a bit problematic, especially when they barely update the app.


Italian site editor. Its first device was an HP iPAQ a hundred years ago. Uses Linux and loves everything open source. It believes any device that does not fit in your pocket, a tablet and not a smartphone. End of the story.

PrsWho likes water physics from "Where is my Water?" You'll love "Where is my Perry?". The addictive combination of physics and chemistry makes the game quite fun. This game is as fun to play as its predecessor and it's hard not to start a new level the second you finished the previous level. The soundtrack is great, the graphics are rich, and I haven't even had a bad experience over using the app.

ConsCompared to "Where is my Water?", The graphics here look more advanced at first, but some details still need to be improved. For example, water does not always seem to behave like water, rather gel. This may seem little, but if you are going to create a science experiment, you need the right ingredients.

After it gets too fast to the other levels, I still have to find a challenge that couldn't be solved in 20 seconds by a five year old. Maybe the physics is the most complex part, but the levels remain very simple. Considering the game is free and was developed by a giant like Disney, I expected more.


Publisher of the Russian site. A graduate of Peace and Conflict Studies, she wanted to be like Mother Teresa, but ended up as a technology reporter. Now that she has a Galaxy Note, she barely uses the computer. Future plans: Learn Chinese and buy the Galaxy Nexus 7, but not necessarily in that order.

PrsKilling time with a silly game while I'm stuck in the subway is a pleasure that doesn't make me feel guilty. If Angry Birds didn't even get my attention, the Swampy Crocodile's "Where is my Water?" got. This feature did not disappoint. Perry is the platypus as the amphibian James Bond, traveling through the sewer system where you can unlock levels through scientific experiments. The central idea of ​​the game is an exciting mix of physics and chemistry, like turning water into ice and steaming into water again. totally addictive. The combination of price and quality is worth it.

ConsInterestingly, the difficulty level does not progress logically. Some rigid levels are followed by super-easy levels, which are followed by difficult levels. In this sense could be improved. Also, the number of levels is a bit weak for a paid app. Developers, do something!

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