1/4 of the Portuguese already use four telecommunications services

1/4 of the Portuguese already use four telecommunications services

A quarter of Portuguese (aged 15 or more) already use four or more telecommunications services, reveals the latest report by Anacom, at a time when only 4 percent remain without any service.

According to the data, referring to 2009 and published this week, only 24.4 percent of individuals currently use a combination of various solutions, such as mobile and fixed voice, mobile and fixed internet and subscription television, says the document .

The penetration of designated offers multiple play thus registers an increase of 10 percentage points compared to the previous year (in the count by household), reaching, in December 2009, 33.8 percent of national households.

If we look at the offer triple play (internet, television and telephone) the coverage is even greater, with more than half of the households (53.1 percent) having this type of solution.

Despite the increasing democratization of this type of solutions, 18.8 percent of respondents continue to have only one telecommunications service: the mobile phone. Still, most of them keep a fixed and mobile phone.

With regard to Internet access, most households already have access to the network and 11.3 percent have fixed and mobile Internet. Those who do not have it, claim that they do not feel the need or interest in hiring the service, do not have computers or financial capacity.

The Lisbon region and the autonomous regions are those with the highest penetration of fixed Internet services, while the Algarve is highlighted as the area with the highest incidence of mobile internet.

The country’s capital is still «champion» in the use of mobile phones, with an impressive penetration rate of almost 90 percent.