1.3 million with Zon 100 Mbps Internet

تريد CE اقتراحات لتقليل تكاليف تركيب شبكات الألياف

Zon guarantees that by the end of this month 1.3 million Portuguese households will be able to receive their Internet offer at 100 Mbps, supported by a combination of fiber and cable. On the company’s website, it is already possible to see information that more than one million households are able to receive calls with speeds in the order of 100 Mbps.

By the end of this year, the company plans to expand the number of households with the capacity to receive the service to 2.8 million, continuing to invest in network renewal, which this year is expected to reach 200 million euros.

Cited by the economic press, Luis Lopes, administrator of Zon, also mentioned that the company is testing speeds in the order of 400 Mbps.

It is recalled that Zon, together with PT and Sonaecom, currently hold the three offers available on the market for residential customers, in the order of 100 MB.