1.3 million Portuguese play online

1.3 million Portuguese play online

Playing different genres, online games add more and more fans. There are currently 1.341 million players in Portugal, according to data from Bareme Internet.

These individuals represent 16.1 percent of the universe made up of Portuguese residents on the Continent aged 15 and over, adds Marktest.

Age is the variable that reveals the greatest differences in behavior, among the data gathered by the study. The figures range from 62.3 per cent of players for young people aged 15 to 17 and 0.7 per cent for individuals over 64 years of age.

Occupation also emerges as a discriminating variable, with 51.4 percent of students playing online, a figure well above the 2.8 percent of homemakers who also say they play on the Internet.

The differences between the other variables are less significant. Regarding gender, 20.5 percent of men say they play online, compared to 20.5 percent of women.

The Greater Lisbon region gathers 20.1 percent of online players, compared to the 18.2 percent registered in Greater Porto, with 15.9 percent on the North Coast, 18 percent on the Central Coast, the 10 , 2 percent from the Interior and 16.5 percent from the South.

In the analysis by social classes, the upper middle class is the one that brings together the largest number of players (20.9%), as opposed to the lower class (6.4%).

The analysis carried out was based on the results of the 2010 Bareme Internet study by Marktest, a study that analyzes the universe made up of residents on the Continent aged 15 and over and homes on the Continent.