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A chain that circulates on WhatsApp in recent days claims that calls from the number 0136 are scams to steal the account in the messenger. However, the phone mentioned in the message is certified as a Ministry of Health number, so calls identified in this way are not at risk.

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The automated call from Disque Sade is, in fact, an action by the Ministry to track probable cases of Covid-19, and are made by the numbers 136, 0136 or 00136. Although the chain in question is false, it is necessary to pay attention to fraud with telephones similar to TeleSUS, as advised this Wednesday (15) posts from the official Twitter and Facebook accounts of the Ministry of Health.

Scammers can take advantage of calls from Disque Sade Photo: Luciana Maline / dnetcScammers can take advantage of calls from Disque Sade Photo: Luciana Maline / dnetc

Scammers can take advantage of calls from Disque Sade Photo: Luciana Maline / dnetc

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0136 called? Understand the numbers of the Ministry of Health

Calls from the Ministry of Health are made by the numbers 136, 0136 or 00136. The calls are automatic and made by a robotic voice, who starts the call asking if the citizen is available to answer some questions.

The questions mostly refer to the person's health status, and can be answered with "yes" or "no". The questionnaire can serve as remote assistance and mapping of contagion risk areas.

The call concludes with instructions from the Ministry for people to stay at home. According to information from the Ministry of Health, the calls should reach approximately 125 million Brazilians and will serve as a tool to monitor the dissemination of Covid-19 in national territory.

TeleSUS is the name of the set of measures implemented by the Ministry of Health to assist the population in person. The Coronavirus SUS application, which gives tips on how to identify the symptoms of Covid-19, an example of one of the remote services.

It is also possible to obtain this information through the TeleSUS chat on the Internet, available through the address

Automated telephone calls on the new coronavirus were announced earlier this month as part of the TeleSUS service package. The initiative uses Disque Sade to call citizens to track infections with the new coronavirus.

Fake chain claims WhatsApp cloned with TeleSUS

Disque Sade is being targeted by fake news through a chain sent through WhatsApp groups, which claims that the number 0136 is applying cloning scams to messenger accounts. According to the current, a criminal behind the call would invade the victim's WhatsApp to ask acquaintances for money. Sought by dnetc, the Ministry of Health confirmed that TeleSUS can also appear on the cell phone as a call from the number 0136.

The chain claims that the person may have WhatsApp cloned when answering 0136 calls. The scam consists of trying to activate the person's WhatsApp account on another phone without them knowing it. The criminal calls the victim asking for a code sent by SMS, which is actually the sequence needed to register the victim's WhatsApp on the scammer's cell phone.

When the victim passes the code on to criminals, they are able to clone WhatsApp on another device, and have access to all conversations and media shared on the messenger. Then scammers can impersonate the victim to talk to her friends and ask for money.

It is worth remembering that the act of receiving or answering the call does not leave the mobile phone vulnerable to cloning WhatsApp, but rather passes the account activation code to a possible scammer. Telephone 0136 is safe, but it is important to pay attention to other variations that take advantage of the number of the Ministry of Health.

How to protect yourself from possible scams

The possible actions of criminals with similar numbers drew the attention of the Ministry of Health, which used its official account on Twitter and Facebook to clarify to the population that SUS is making calls, but that it does not ask for personal data, donations or values ​​of transactions in money.

TeleSUS calls are made only by automated voice. The Ministry of Health does not contact you to ask for financial data, such as numbers of credit cards, bank passwords or codes sent by SMS. Be wary of personal and suspicious questions.

In addition, it is worth checking the caller ID: the TeleSUS number is the same as the Disque Sade number, 136 (or 0136 or 00136). In the case of cell phones, the smartphone must not recognize the location of the call. The screen must display only the numbers confirmed by the Ministry.

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How to identify fake news? See websites to check if the news is real

How to identify fake news? See websites to check if the news is real