★ Yupptech excels in iOS app market

Apps, as we now know, began to become more popular in the mid-2000s with the enhancement of smartphones. Smart phones came in for real in 2007, when the iPhone was launched, and in 2008, with the arrival of the first Androids. With the creation of these devices and systems, the need arose to develop programs in this case, applications (the famous apps) that were capable of running on such mobile devices.

One of the companies that has been effectively contributing to the improvement and development of this tool is Yupptech, one of the leading companies in the sector in Latin America and responsible for the development of more than 20 apps per day.

But what is an application for? Apps are intended to facilitate the performance of practical user activities on mobile phones. They are an added attraction in smartphones, as they serve both to make life easier (for utility applications) as well as pure fun (games) and can be divided into various categories such as entertainment, music, business automation, education, social interaction, among others.

It is noteworthy that many companies today adhere to the use of applications as this is a way to stay connected with the customer, in order to make full use of the cell phone due to the exploration of GPS, Bluetooth, camera, NFC chip, among other features.

Just to get an idea of ​​how applications are important tools, in 2017 the values ​​moved by the area broke records, reaching $ 17 billion (which represented a 20% growth over the previous year).


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