★ With Claro up, you change your iPhone every year and have your device fully insured

★ With Claro up, you change your iPhone every year and have your device fully insured

Apple announced its iPhone Upgrade Program, an annual iPhone exchange program with AppleCare + included a few months ago.

IPhone 6s case

The idea of ​​this program is simple, but very cool: instead of paying the iPhone and AppleCare + (extended warranty of the device) at once, divide it all into smooth installments over 24 months. The “cat jump” that, after 12 months, you can return the iPhone you used for a year and get a brand new model. That is, whoever joined the program now and took an iPhone 6s can exchange it for the iPhone 7 when it is released without spending anything more for it.

But anyone who thinks that Apple was the first to offer something like this is wrong. Outside, this type of “program” is very common among operators. And, fortunately, here in Brazil the Of course he went ahead and has had something like this for a long time. This is the program Course up!

Course up

In it, customers of postpaid plans of the operator can change iPhone each year by paying installments starting at R $ 129 plus the value of the plan in their accounts.

The program lasts for 24 months, but every 12 the customer can get a new device and that already includes the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus, which are being officially launched today in Brazil. That is, instead of disbursing cash or dividing the device in 12 months and then having to worry about selling it to buy a new one (if you always wanted to have the last release), you share this cost in 2 years and are sure to get the most current iPhone every 12 months.

Whoever has an iPhone is afraid. Whether you drop it and watch your screen break or you get mugged and watch those thousands of reais leave in the thug's hand. Because with Claro up, in addition to the ease of split payment and the guarantee of having the latest release from Apple, you can also be more carefree. Within this monthly amount of the program already included a safe against accidental breakages (even the screen!), qualified theft / theft and oxidation. That is, you are covered even outside the country in every way!

or not a wonder? To join Claro up, you need to go to the nearest Claro store and buy a device. The monthly amount varies according to the postpaid plan contracted, of course.

If you are a Claro customer and change your iPhone every year on your own, the program is “No brainer” especially considering the built-in insurance. If you are still on the Claro client, this is an excellent opportunity to migrate to it! 😉

It is worth remembering here that Claro is nica Brazilian operator to offer the resource Visual Voicemail on the iPhone something launched by Apple in the early days of your smartphone and that even today the other national operators do not support (and, by the way, will never support).

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