★ VideoProc uses the power of the GPU to process 4K videos on your Mac

★ VideoProc uses the power of the GPU to process 4K videos on your Mac

In these social media times, the task of converting and editing videos is no longer exclusive to audiovisual professionals and has reached the masses – after all, you will never create the next Twitter meme if you can’t get your video ready to be posted on the network, right?

Fortunately, as video processing becomes more popular, the software dedicated to it becomes simpler and more accessible for most users. A good example of this is the VideoProc, tool for macOS and Windows from the developer Digiarty Software.

Much more than a simple converter or editor, VideoProc – as its name suggests – is a true multimedia processor, capable of generating, capturing and adjusting videos, including in 4K resolution, in a number of aspects. All of these tasks are performed more quickly due to acceleration technologies built into the application, which use the processing power of your GPU (whether Intel, AMD or NVIDIA) to save your time.

It’s worth noting that VideoProc usually costs $ 79 on the Digiarty website, but the developer is doing a promotional action very interesting until the next 30th: every day, 2,000 copies of the tool are released free of charge to users, simply by registering on this page with a valid email address. And that’s not all – those participating in the offer will still be competing for an iPhone XS, a pair of AirPods and two USB-Lightning cables for their iGadgets.

Returning to the software, we have four main options very well organized when opening it. The first one is the “Video” tool, which, as the name says, is its central point for convert and edit files of different formats. VideoProc supports 370 different types of codecs, and you can export your creations in more than 420 formats at any resolution, including 4K. To make life easier for users, the app lists popular destinations (like iPhone, YouTube, Facebook and others) so you don’t even have to worry about granular adjustments in compression and format, if you don’t want to.

VideoProc, video processor from Digiarty Software

At editing tools include cropping, aspect ratio adjustment, rotation, clip combination and even more advanced features such as image stabilization, noise reduction and lens correction; you can also add watermarks or subtitles to your movies. Fortunately, all of this is easily accessible from the application interface – even users who do not understand English will not find it difficult to find the options they want.

The second option offered by VideoProc is «DVD» – and, although all Macs have already abandoned the entrance to the previously unbreakable disks, users with older models or external drives will be able to enjoy a conversion, import and editing center for video files contained in the media.

Next, we have the option «Downloader», which serves to download videos from a range of online services – from the most popular, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch, to the most obscure (there are more than 1,000 options!). You can then edit and convert them in the same way as in the previous options before exporting the media to your computer or some other online service.

Finally, the tool «Recorder» records the screen of your Mac or iPhone / iPad connected via USB to your computer (no red bar!); it is also possible to combine this capture with a recording from the Mac’s webcam in picture-in-picture – this way, you can make a video-tutorial in which you appear giving instructions in person in the corner of the screen, for example. The tool also has all the editing and conversion features mentioned above, also allowing you to add notes and narrations to your captures.

In the end, VideoProc is an affordable, fast and powerful solution for multimedia processing directly on your Mac or PC. It is worth checking!

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