★ The Techland: an immersive experience for anyone looking to become an iOS developer

The market for apps for iOS (or mobile, in general) today is so heated that there is no shortage of good course options. But none of them offers a result as cool as that proposed by our partners in the Techland.

It is a totally immersive experience, carried out in the United States.

The Techland

Techland is an exchange school that is the result of a partnership between holding Silcio Valley and the training center Quaddro. Our mission is to provide our students with an international experience by offering concrete opportunities for learning, culture and networking in the land of technology.

We are located on a ranch in the city of Orlando (Florida, USA), with a capacity to comfortably host up to 20 students.

The proposal of the total immersed course: all students stay at the ranch for a whole month, with 8 hours of iOS development classes per day, in addition to participating in an entrepreneurship and an English course. The idea is really transformed again, since the whole experience is used without distractions.

What is not included in the package?

The investment in Techland includes:

  • IOS course;
  • Entrepreneurship course;
  • English course;
  • Feed him;
  • Accommodation;
  • Airfare;
  • Transport;
  • Tours;
  • MacBook Pro.

You didn’t read it wrong: students are entitled to all of this, really. That is, arriving at the ranch there will be a 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina brand new waiting for you on your bed.

All students are accommodated in separate rooms (men and women), with TV and minibar. A private bus performs all transfers between the airport and the ranch, as well as for tours and scheduled visits. The food is made by a contracted nutritionist, who mixes Brazilian and American cuisine on their menus. Finally, a Brazilian psychologist will do weekly follow-ups with all students.

IOS course content

A total of 265 hours of courses in 26 days, with 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. There are 208 hours of Swift, plus 52 hours of English and, finally, 5 hours of entrepreneurship.

The full syllabus of the iOS course is here.

Bonuses for readers of MacMagazine

If you've found the package too high, we have a bonus: readers of MacMagazine that close the Techland package will still win a iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB so they can test their apps during the course.

For more details, as well as price and payment terms, contact Techland using this form.

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