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★ The ABC of the APP: UX & Interface for apps [atualizado]


Waze, Instagram, WhatsApp, Angry Birds. Everyone started with an idea and a will to make it happen. Until recently, the creation ofeapps was something restricted to a few professionals with very focused training. Today, the Internet itself allows the formation of new and competent professionals.

Thinking about this way of learning and teaching, James Italiano, designer and teacher with more than 13 years of experience narea, developed the course ABC of APP: UX & Interfaces for Apps.

The ABC of the app - UX & Interfaces

I divided into 18 modules the knowledge needed to design and improve apps with visual and interactive quality, explains Italiano.

The 18 modules are made availableLive, and are also available for access after meetings.

With this course the student canrecover the investmentin the first project carried out or facilitate the acquisition of a job in the mobile area. If you are already employed, it will be a great opportunity to upgrade your career, he says.

The day courseNovember 8th, in which every student will have access to 18 modules, practical activities, material and certificate. Get access now tomdulode introduogrtis!

The ABC of the app - UX & Interfaces

For readers of MacMagazine The/

For you, reader of MacMagazine, we prepare three BNUS specials:

  1. Review of up to your practical activities during the course, showing you that you can improve in every detail of what you have created.
  2. Evaluation of your portfolio and resume, pointing out the main changes to stand out in the job selections.
  3. Individual chat via Skype or Hangouts to answer your questions personally.

Just sign up and send an email [email protected] subjectI'm a MacMagazine reader. See more information about the course here.

About Prof. James Italiano

Update 11/10/2014 s 00:15

We open the first module for single purchase, for only R $ 32!

ABC - UX & Interfaces (Module 01)

Take the opportunity!