★ Review: recover accidentally deleted data from your iGadget with the iMyfone D-Back app for Mac

Losing data is one of the great nightmares of our modern life based on the digital world. Considering that today much of our life is in electronic devices, accidentally deleting some important things will have part of our essence effectively, brutally erased. Anyway: I may be exaggerating, but the fact is that it is not a very cool situation.

If you have lost files on a computer, the problem, while not absolutely solved, can be more easily solved: file recovery programs for systems like macOS or Windows exist in droves. If this loss happened on an iOS device, however, things get even more complicated because we are talking about a closed system, without access to the system files and folders by the user.

However, all is not lost if those sentimental photos were summarily deleted from your iPhone without warning: o iMyfone D-Back Data Recovery for iPhone, software available for Mac and Windows, promises to rescue several types of lost files from your iGadget. A few months ago, iMyfone Umate, from the same developer, received praise from me for the extreme ease of use and effectiveness of its results; will we see something similar here? Let's see below.

IMyfone D-Back app for Mac

To begin with, here are all the types of files that iMyfone D-Back supports as part of its recovery process:

  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • IMessage messages
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Photos within apps
  • Videos within apps
  • WhatsApp and Kik messages
  • WeChat and Skype History
  • WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and Kik attachments
  • Grades
  • Safari Favorites
  • Calendar items
  • Sticky notes
  • Safari History
  • Voice notes

It sounds like a lot, right? Really. Fortunately, the program is able to incorporate all of these options in a very well-resolved and easy to use interface. When opening the D-Back, the user is faced with five options in the side menu: "Smart Recovery", “Recover from iOS device”, “Recover from iTunes backup copy”, “Recover from iCloud backup” and “Repair iOS system”.

The first option, "Smart Recovery", for those who have no idea where to recover the lost files. The program asks the user how he lost the data (accidental deletion, jailbreak/ update, blocked device, among other options) and redirects you to the most appropriate tab.

IMyfone D-Back app for Mac

In the tab to recover from the device itself, the program asks, after selecting the types of data to be retrieved, to connect the device in question; the internal memory of the iGadget be searched and return the results found. In my tests, with an iPhone 5c already running iOS 10, this was the option that had the most satisfactory effects: the scanning process was quick and the program found some photos that I had deleted without difficulty.

It is good to note that, after selecting what data the user wants to recover, the software saves everything in a folder on the computer it does not have the ability to restore it to the device itself, being necessary to do this manually later.

IMyfone D-Back app for Mac

The next two tabs scan the user's backup, depending on whether this is a process done locally (through iTunes) or in the cloud (through iCloud). In the first case, I was able to successfully recover deleted notes on the iPhone and the time to search through the backup was very fast, so a positive point even if such a result could have been obtained by iTunes itself, D-Back earns points for all the simplicity of the process (even if it’s not much merit to do something better than the iTunes iTunes).

In the case of combing a backup through iCloud, the user needs to enter his Apple ID credentials, which puts a flea behind the ear of those most concerned with privacy issues; according to iMyfone, this data is never stored by it. Continuing with the process, it is very similar to that of searching for data in the iTunes backup and, in my case, correctly returned a series of files, including reminders that I deleted on the iPhone. The time of scanhowever, it was much more expanded in this situation.

The last tab of the program, "Repair iOS device", is dedicated to all those who are having problems with their device startup. The bug that affected several users during the upgrade to iOS 10, for example, is easily reversed here, and the program does the whole process without deleting or compromising data. Of course, not absolutely foolproof your device may have a more serious problem (in hardware, for example), but for simpler matters, the option may be a hand on the wheel.

IMyfone D-Back app for Mac

In the end, the iMyfone D-Back Data Recovery for iPhone delivers on its promise with a simple and well-resolved interface just don't expect it to recover tons of files lost years ago; for any other casual situations, it will likely satisfy your needs. What gets the price: $ 50, which I consider salty for something that will be used, at most, sporadically. good to note that this value refers to license for one iOS device; for other situations, it is necessary to spend US $ 70 on the family license, which serves two to five devices, or US $ 370 on the license business, for an unlimited number of devices.

For readers of , however, iMyfone has prepared a special offer, and through this link for Mac or this for Windows it is possible to obtain the three versions of the software at a discount: the individual one costs US $ 40, the family one costs US $ 60 and the license business is for $ 200. It is always good to remember that there is a free trial version, but it only serves to scan the sources and show a preview of the results to save the lost data, it is necessary to invest in the full version.

The fact: if you need it much something like that, the D-Back certainly more robust option available.

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