★ Recover lost data from your Mac (and external volumes) with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

★ Recover lost data from your Mac (and external volumes) with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It's a bleak feeling that has already been experienced by just about anyone who uses computers on a regular basis: look for that important file for whatever reason, and find that it's not on your machine or your external drive. Accidental deletion? Malware? System failure? The reason no matter the despair always the same.

Fortunately, there are utilities that can help you recover lost files. One of them the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional for Macfrom EaseUS Software.

The software comes with a number of options, some of them very advanced, to recover that crucial file lost or accidentally deleted. With it, you can scan entire volumes whether it's your Mac's internal memory or an external drive such as an HDD / SSD, a thumb drive or an SD card and scour your folders for deleted data.

What's more, EaseUS data recovery works even on lost whole partitions or newly formatted volume files. The utility also has a smart disk monitoring tool, which acts as a kind of prevention. It tells you if your HDD / SSD is in good condition and instructs you if the volume fails and offers some risk of data loss in the future.

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The software has simple and functional interface. Just select the volume to scan and the Data Recovery Wizard starts the search process which can be very slow: to scan my entire 250GB SSD, the utility took about two hours. A 16GB USB stick, in turn, was examined in about ten minutes. Once this process is done, the software displays all recoverable files within that volume; Just select what you want and export to anywhere on your Mac.

The application, it is worth remembering, is translated into Portuguese and works on almost all file systems known to mankind APFS, HFS +, NTFS, FAT, exFAT, you say. It also brings broad support for MacOS versions, from the old Snow Leopard to the current Mojave.

Data Recovery Wizard can be used free of charge in the trial version, which can recover up to 2GB of data. In addition, you need to purchase the version Pro, that costs $ 90 on the EaseUS website. There is also, good to note, a version for Windows.

It is worth taking a look! 😉

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