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★ Quaddro training opens up opportunities for anyone looking to make a career in Silicon Valley

One of the highlights of the MM Tour (traditional trip to the Silcio Valley with readers from ), without a doubt, visits to companies. This year, the MM Tour VI group visited four of them: Mozilla, Dropbox, Pinterest and GoPro. What do so different companies, which operate in such different areas, have in common? It seems to be a difficult question, but in reality it is quite easy to answer that: they all have that climate, that culture of entrepreneurship it's from development that surround the region.

it's easy to look at people's faces, talk to them and realize that working on them and basically all companies there is something very enriching, challenger and nice. Being there, inside that “technology bubble”, building the future (be it a browser, a cloud service, a social network or a revolutionary camera) with their own hands, a task for a few.

In addition to culture, all of these companies also need highly trained developers, different people who are capable of solve problems and develop solutions. This is precisely what we want to talk about: opportunity. Why not become one of those people? Why not invest in a developer career, put your backpack on your back and work for one of these companies? Or, who knows, create your own and make a difference in the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people?

Everything in life has a beginning, and that Quaddro Training. And to exemplify this, nothing better than a real story, which shows that it is possible to start a new career just by wanting and rolling up your sleeves. This is what the Gabriel Carvalho did.

During his studies at Quaddro, he (who is also a regular reader of ) published six apps that already total more than 40 thousand downloads!

As I had never seen any content in the programming area, I was surprised by the basis I had at Quaddro and the ease with which all the content of the course was covered, from Introduction to Programming Logic to the creation of more complex apps using maps, GPS , sensors, among others

Before I even finished the course, I was already creating my first apps. Some time later, they went to the App Store without any problems and some even succeeded, appearing on some media channels. Undoubtedly, Quaddro gave me all the base I needed to get where I am today, with some published applications, very well known in the area and a stable job as an iOS developer back in the Brazilian market, after going through a startup from San Jose, California.

One of the coolest things about this story is the beginning: Gabriel, who participated in iOS Swift Bootcamp, knew * nothing * of programming before the course. It was precisely after training at Quaddro that he took his first steps in the field.

Gabriel Carvalho, student of Quaddro and reader of !

In other words, anyone who thinks that the path to start a very long development career can already be animated. Quaddro courses are designed to support all levels of students, from the most beginner level possible (seeking knowledge in a new area) to the most advanced (who just want to update themselves).

If you are interested, want to be an iOS application developer and still don’t know how to get started, Quaddro has prepared a great package for the end of the year! Only more than 272 hours training to prepare you for all the challenges that this market requires.

Don't miss this opportunity!