★ MacX DVD Ripper Pro imports your DVD collection easily and quickly; and have promotion!

★ MacX DVD Ripper Pro imports your DVD collection easily and quickly; and have promotion!

I said this last year, and I repeat it now: the fact that the DVD is an extinct media is the number one reason for us to give more value than ever to these media capture and rescue applications. After all, a lot of people have built video record collections over the last 15 years, be it with Hollywood movies or home videos, and nobody wants those contents to be lost with the advancement of technology.

Fortunately, Mac users have a simple and practical solution for burning their DVDs to their computers internal memory or to other devices such as external HDDs. I speak, of course, of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, gives Digiarty Software Which, in addition to striving for the simplicity and speed with which it performs the tasks, is still being offered for free in a very interesting promotional action of the developer.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Some factors make MacX DVD Ripper Pro one of the best options of its kind, starting with accessibility. Unlike tools like Handbrake, software that is fully designed for users of all types, from beginners to advanced users, those unfamiliar with the process of saving and capturing DVDs can give the application full responsibility; On the other hand, the most knowledgeable in the area have access to special tools and controls to let you capture exactly what you want.

Not even the lack of Portuguese as a language is a hindrance: by having a simple and intuitive interface, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the app without major difficulties. Still, the tip is for Digiarty to include support for our dear language in a future update – after all, regionalization is always good, right?

Another advantage of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is hardware acceleration, which harnesses the power of your Intel or NVIDIA video card to make the process of capturing your DVDs faster Digiarty promises a complete transfer of the contents of a disc (movie, menus). , subtitles, extras) for your internal storage in five minutes at top quality. Of course, this time will depend on your Mac settings, but it is still a very good estimate.

The cool thing is that the software goes beyond the basics: It is able to bypass the region blocks of your DVDs, capture the contents of damaged media and even edit / convert the destination files you can add or change subtitles to your video files, as well as choose aspects like codecs, bitrates and frame rate. Full control, if you want it.

Christmas promotion!

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is usually priced at $ 68, but Digiarty is offering a very interesting promotion especially for DVD players. . The developer will, starting today, 500 free app copies per day Just enter your email address on this page and receive your code! This special version of the app does not have any special features, such as capturing damaged DVDs or converting to modern formats, and does not receive updates; Still, it is a valuable tool for those who just want the basic service.

For those who want to upgrade to the full version of the software, the developer is also offering a benefit: for a limited time, it will be possible to buy it for free. $ 30, a discount of more than 50%. Finally, those who want the full Digiarty app suite of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MediaTrans and VideoProc can buy it for $ 50, a saving of $ 120 over the normal price of the three combined apps.

Enjoy! 😃

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