★ Learn to program through online video lessons, with this course that is 85% off!


This is a quick course for anyone who wants to learn to program, starting from scratch, through 100% online video lessons! You learn how to create dynamic web pages, create applications that the user needs to authenticate (login and password), send emails through your application, create layouts for pages even without having experience in design, negotiate the sale of projects (including prices) , find out which salary is fair for your level and more.

The course starts with basic explanations about programming, not requiring no prior knowledge in the area.

It is a relatively quick course, but quite complete.

The first part explains programming logic, data types, object orientation, what and how to use a terminal, and installation of the necessary tools.

The language used Rubyis one of the most powerful and popular on the market, in addition to being free and open source.

All tools, software or services used in the course are completely free.

The student learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, learn the flow of web development and also how to use Twitter Bootstrap to build layouts.

Using Rails (framework web), be demonstrated how a system accesses a database, generates dynamic pages, authenticates users, sends emails, makes large lists page and much more.

The most interesting part of the course, however, are the classes where real applications are created.

For example: a task manager developed from scratch, as well as another application that is a simplified Instagram clone.

This helps the student to feel confident that he has accumulated enough knowledge to build his own projects and even try to get a job in the job market to work in that area.

There is also a lesson on which salary is fair for each person's level.

At the end of the course, you will be taught how to put applications on the air.

And of course we have a discount for readers of : from R $ 200 (normal price), you pay for this link only R $ 29!

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Oh, and the course has Warranty: those who don't like it, can ask for the money back in up to 30 days without even explaining the reason.

And more: you can download all classes for watch offline, via an iPhone or iPad app.

Program a skill that becomes more important every day. a profession that has more vacancies than professionals in various places in the world! 🙂