★ Learn how to migrate WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (or vice versa)

★ Learn how to migrate WhatsApp from iPhone to Android (or vice versa)

Who ever migrated from an iPhone to an Android (or vice versa) and uses the WhatsApp Messenger he must have discovered, by the way, that it is not possible to restore the backup from one platform to the other.

That’s because, on iOS, WhatsApp stores your backups on iCloud; on Android, it uses Google Drive. That is, there is no communication between them and, therefore, Facebook basically leaves us with no solution.

Or … is there a solution? ?

Yes, there is, and it’s called WhatsApp Transfer. The software, developed by Wondershare, is part of the MobileTrans solution, which offers a number of features for data transfer between smartphones, as well as backups and restores.

The WhatsApp solution, by the way, also works for Kik, LINE, Viber and WeChat – and works, of course, with smartphones from the main Android manufacturers in the world, including Samsung, LG, Motorola and Xiaomi, which we use in our full test video.

Watch below:

With a few clicks, you make a backup of the original device, convert everything to the destination format and the software automatically installs WhatsApp and makes the final complete restoration. He takes posts, Photos, videos and attachments – that is, everything you are entitled to, and you can migrate WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, from Android to iPhone and also between the same platforms.

Obviously, if you have a lot of data on WhatsApp the whole process will take a few good hours. In addition, it is important that you have enough disk space on your computer to make a complete backup of the original device.

MobileTrans has versions for both macOS how much for Windows, and its prices vary depending on your use of the software. There are subscription or one-time, lifetime payment options.

Promotion #MobileTranstoSamsung

Wondershare is running a promotion focused on the Samsung Galaxy S20, for anyone using the MobileTrans solution and transferring their data to it.

You can get 20% off in the company’s software and conduct a test for Samsung fans that will give ten people a $ 100 prize!

All information about the promotion is on this page.

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