★ iOS course, which one should I choose?

To start a developer career, many candidates look for online and even free courses to fulfill this first stage, in an attempt to acquire enough knowledge to start developing their own apps or even to work on third party development without having to invest a lot in a course. .

In a non-in-depth analysis it seems like an excellent idea, after all, the student would learn the basics and then evolve by going alone in the codes, following the famous self-taught path. For some who have this facility and discipline a viable way, but for many other people the reality is much more complicated than that.

The level of demand from the public and companies regarding the quality and detail of the applications has been growing constantly in recent times. It is not enough to just learn the commands, but rather the best way to structure all the features of the app, taking into account performance, audience profile, usability, among many other factors.


Face-to-face training for the technology area promotes the exchange of ideas between students and sometimes the entrepreneurial spirit presents itself, and thus are born startups.

For you, who have always been curious about developing applications, but always lacked time, Quaddro brings you a unique opportunity. Intensive vacation course: learn to create your own app using all the features that iPhone and iPad can offer in just 1 month!

We prepare the best vacation course for you! We thought of a compact course with dozens of examples to further facilitate the learning of Apple's new programming language, Swift!

Specially designed for those who want to stand out in the mobile application development market in a short space of time.

When / where does it happen?

From July 3 to 27, 2017 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm), you will be trained for the challenges that the market demands and be able to develop applications for iPhone and iPad (face-to-face course).

Place: Alameda Santos 1000, 7th floor So Paulo (SP).