★ Import your DVD collection easily and quickly with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

★ Import your DVD collection easily and quickly with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Just look around and realize that the era of physical media is over: your computer no longer picks up discs, your TV probably doesn’t have a DVD player connected to it, and video stores died without a trace – as well as physical music stores and movies.

This does not mean, however, that your long-cultivated collection of DVDs will simply turn to dust overnight: your discs still exist, and you need a way to get them into the digital world before it’s not. even more possible to reproduce them (both due to the deterioration inherent in physical media and simply not having a device for that).

Fear nothing, however: MacX DVD Ripper Pro is here to help.

The application Digiarty Software for macOS has a simple purpose: to copy your DVDs to the digital world, preserving your memories or the films you have acquired over the past decades in a format that will not suffer degradation and that can be easily reproduced on any electronic device.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro screenshot

The operation of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is as simple as possible: just insert the DVD into the player connected to your Mac and wait for the software to recognize the disc; then, you can start the capture process automatically, with very few settings, or adjust the operation as you wish – configuring the contents to be captured, the desired format, the codecs/bitrates (the most common is to convert DVDs to MP4), subtitles, menus, audio tracks and whatever else you want.

In addition, the application can bypass region locks on DVDs purchased in other countries and capture content from damaged media. It also has a built-in mini-editor, through which you can add subtitles (even files that are not present on the original DVD) and cut parts of the video at your leisure.

One of the main advantages of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is its ability to preserve files on your DVDs by taking up little space – the movie captured from a disc, for example, can be between 700MB and 1GB, while a complete DVD would occupy about 8GB of space. It is fast, too, as it uses hardware acceleration – and is capable of converting an entire disk in less than five minutes.

Of course, if you have a newer Mac, you will need an external DVD player for this – which can be easily found online or at computer stores for under $ 150 today. If your computer is an older model, with built-in DVD drive, even better, since everything will work natively.


MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be purchased from the Digiarty Software website – and readers of MacMagazineOf course, they have special benefits: by accessing this link, you can purchase the app for just $ 30 (it usually costs $ 68).

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