★ If you're passionate about cars, you need to have the Carrorama app on your iPhone / iPod touch

★ If you're passionate about cars, you need to have the Carrorama app on your iPhone / iPod touch

There is no exaggeration to say that there are people you care about and care for your car (or motorcycle) more than, for example, your own home. Nothing better, then, than a beautiful and complete application to help you control everything related to your vehicle.

Meet the Carrorama, by going2 mobile.

Carrorama on iPhones

Available for iOS (iPhone / iPod touch) and Android, Carrorama is completely free and even helps you save by making supplies, maintenance and miscellaneous expenses controls that you have with your car / motorcycle.

Carrorama gives you maximum control over your car. We believe that safety and economy must come first, and our main objective is to leave you, the driver, without this concern in your day-to-day. Therefore, Carrorama helps you with the main tasks necessary to keep a car running safely while spending as little time and money as possible. We want the moments in the car, whether to go to work, pick up your child from school or on a vacation, be enjoyed with family and friends without worries.

With a very tasteful interface, Carrorama is very easy / intuitive to use. As you register items in the app's database, it will issue alerts for you (such as licensing, insurance, taxes, fines, financing and even on the expiration date of your CNH) and generating different reports to help you maintain of the vehicle which can be exported in XLSX (Excel).

As extras, Carrorama also has several tips, calculator for the best fuel (gasoline vs. ethanol), list of useful phones and more.

I've already tested several apps of this type, but I never fell in love with any of them until I met Carrorama. And look, I only needed a few seconds using the application to notice the effort in its development. Recommend with eyes closed!

Carrorama app icon

Remembering that Carrorama is also available on Google Play, for Android.

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