★ How to recover files from a USB stick with Recoverit

★ How to recover files from a USB stick with Recoverit

Pendrives can be very useful devices, they are easy to carry so that you can view your most important articles when you need them. However, you need to be careful, otherwise your device may be corrupted and all your files lost. But calm down: in case you experience this headache, we will teach you how to recover deleted files from the flash drive with Recoverit.

One of the most common causes for this to happen is to unplug your flash drive without first ejecting it correctly. Another problem is to use it on machines that are unreliable, being exposed to malware that can cause serious damage. There are situations that are beyond our control if your computer suddenly turns off – which can cause damage to the USB stick.

It is worth mentioning that, although it is possible to recover files from the USB stick, some may be corrupted in such a way that it is not possible to access them again. So, to avoid further damage, having a backup is always the best option!

There are several ways to recover your files and the best one will depend on the extent of the damage. In addition to using your computer’s own resources, you can also use software to recover the pendrive.

Recoverit 8.0: a new way to recover files from the flash drive

THE Recoverit it has always been a reference in data recovery. Now, with the update from version 7 to 8, it promises not only to recover your information quickly and safely, but also to offer an even better experience.

Below, check out some advantages of the new version of Recoverit:

Interface improvements

The interface Recoverit 8 promises to be much more friendly compared to its previous version. Without having to investigate the situation in which you lost your documents, you can now complete the process in just three simple steps by clicking Select »Check» Recover.

Recover your files faster

After optimizing the algorithm, it is no longer necessary to select various forms of recovery depending on the extent of damage to your device. Since the first scan, version 8 has already started a full scan, and all files will be found and recovered immediately.

Rating improvements

With the previous version, files were categorized taking into account their format, such as photos, documents, etc. However, the new version classifies according to the file system, such as exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, etc. Another advantage is that RAW files will be found much faster and more accurately.

Visualization and recovery improvements

To avoid problems during the process, the Recoverit 8, does not display all files, as this can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. Therefore, to prevent your computer from locking up, small files will be displayed.

Another problem reported by users was that many recovered files were not complete. This has been corrected with an intelligent scanning system, which ensures that files found to be recovered will not crash afterwards.

Increased compatibility

The new version of Recoverit it has compatibility with most devices, including drones, GoPro cameras and RAW units.

Remembering that there are free versions for Recoverit 8, available for macOS or Windows.

Learn how to recover files from flash drive

If you had a problem with your mobile device, learn how to recover files from the flash drive using the software Recoverit. Remembering that it is possible to download it for free and there is compatibility for several systems.

First, download the Recoverit and install it on your computer. Even with the free version, don’t forget to register the software using your email address – only then will you be able to take advantage of all its features.

Now, you can recover files from your flash drive in just three very simple and quick steps. Place your USB stick on the computer and open Recoverit. Then, select the location where you need to recover your data and click start for the program to start scanning.


The software then makes a quick scan of all files and, after that, it will be possible to view some of the recoverable files. It is also possible to filter the files according to your interest, selecting the type or path. In addition, the process can be paused or resumed when you feel it is necessary.


Finally, view the files. Then, just click on “Select” to get your documents back. An important tip is not to save the recovered items on the same hard drive to avoid the same problems.


If you still have doubts about how to recover files from the flash drive, just see the tutorial below to learn everything you need to know:

Tips on how to recover files from flash drive

Losing files on your mobile device can be very unpleasant, but you must remember that there are still ways to recover files from the flash drive. However, it is always important to remember that there is a possibility of not getting all of them to be fully recovered. So always remember to have a backup of what is most important!

As we said, in case an accident happens, a good way to recover files from the flash drive is using Recoverit. With free versions and a new update, the software allows you to retrieve most of your files in just three steps, being able to see what their status is before finishing the recovery process.