★ How to choose the best external hard drive for your Mac (or iOS device)?


A valuable tip: Buy your external HDD with a specific purpose in mind quality. If you have precious photos, videos or other important files on your Mac, choose a brand with history and reliability. Even if you pay a little extra for it, you should not risk losing everything overnight.

THE LaCiefor example a brand premium from the acclaimed Seagate Technology. For 24 years, he has designed storage solutions for photographers, videomakers, audio professionals, and other advanced users. LaCie External HDDs offer very high performance and quality over other commercially available products and are advantageous options for Mac users as they allow you to be independent of your machine's hard drive or cloud services, where space is usually very limited. and I need to connect to the internet to get access to your entire file library.

LaCie HDDs

The discs of LaCie They also offer unrivaled technical performance. During the last decade, the company has been considered the best brand of products premium In the data storage industry, success has been achieved with the latest technological advances, innovation center, complete product line, technical support and implementation of Thunderbolt technology.

Remember: Trust everything when you think about data storage companies. It's easy to replace keyboard, processor or printer but not your most important files. Photos are irreplaceable and jobs of a lifetime are stored on an external disk, so the product you choose should make it totally safe.