Now you can buy your Apple TV at the MM Store!

★ How to buy Apple TV in Brazil for a little less

The new Apple TV was launched last week in several countries, including Brazil. Here, unfortunately, it arrived at prohibitive prices: R $ 1,214.10 (32GB) and R $ 1,574.10 (64GB), of course, for cash payments (with 10% discount on the original price).

But to the point, there is a way for you to buy the new set-top box without leaving home, paying just a little more than the American value ($ 149 and $ 199). This is possible thanks to our partners in the Fits in the Suitcase.

The dollar is very expensive and everyone knows it, but the truth is that, buying the product through Cabe in Mala, even if we have to pay a reward to the person who brings the product, the final value (including possible costs with Correios in national territory ) is still cheaper. And to further improve this scenario, you will have a R $ 30 discount on the reward!

We already indicated Cabe na Mala in the launch of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6s, and it is worth reinforcing the message now that Apple TV has reached the market.

Apple TV and Siri Remote viewed from above diagonally

Purchasing your Apple TV through Cabe na Mala is very easy:

  1. First you need to register.
  2. With all data filled in, enter this link to purchase the Apple TV 32GB or this one for the Apple TV 64GB.
  3. Click on the “MAKE ORDER” button, fill in the information and then click on “SEND”.
  4. Now the part that saves you even more! type it MACTV in the space for the promotional coupon and click on VALIDATE COUPON. There, you saved R $ 30 in the reward!
  5. Fill in your credit card information and click PAY REWARD;
  6. Now, if everything went well, a screen appeared at Cabe's address in Mala abroad. This is the address you will use to purchase Apple TV on the Apple website. Click the BUY PRODUCT IN APPLE button and leave this page open.
  7. To buy the device at the American Apple Online Store, I need to have an international credit card. Do not forget to put the address provided by Cabe in Mala as the shipping address. Unfortunately there is no way to put your address here in Brazil on billing address (billing address), so you will have to use any American address if you do not have a known address in the USA to register, also use the same one from Cabe na Mala. Many people are able to buy without problems at the American Apple online store doing so, but it may be that their credit card rejects the purchase. In that case you will have to resolve yourself with your card, as there is not much to do here.
  8. After that, return to Cabe's Mala page and attach the proof of purchase for Apple TV.

Okay, now just wait for your new toy to get home!

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Cabe na Mala is a very cool service, but it is not proof of failures / problems. For you to receive your product, it is essential that you have a traveler available, with space in the suitcase, to bring the product. This can happen in a few days or take a little longer. It varies, and there is not much to do to resolve it.

Cabe na Mala's people are working hard to improve the entire service process, from purchase to receipt of the product at their home, several improvements have already been made since the launch of the Apple Watch. However, if you have a problem, know that the staff solves it. Just contact them and everything will be solved, regardless of the problem that occurred.

The biggest proof that we like the service we acquired our Apple TV with them is due to arrive this week, so wait for more videos and content from MacMagazine about the new set-top box from Apple, including unboxing, review, etc.

The MACTV coupon is valid for one week only, so hurry up to guarantee your Apple TV at an even lower price!

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