★ Find out how to pre-order iPhone 6s and receive it at home!

★ Find out how to pre-order iPhone 6s and receive it at home!

In a few hours Apple will open the pre-sale of iPhones 6s / 6s Plus to be more exact, s 4:01 AM on Saturday for the time of Braslia.

It is not uncommon to see people traveling or taking advantage of a trip already scheduled to purchase a new iPhone model at launch, but with the current dollar price this became a little more difficult. Exactly for this reason we have joined once again our partners of Fits in the Suitcase to offer you the best way to purchase a new iPhone without leaving your home!

What fits in Mala?

Even with the expensive dollar the way it is, but a lot is still worth buying abroad, and that comes in Cabe na Mala. Through their website you can compare the prices (here in Brazil and abroad) of products and decide where it is worth buying in case of launches like the iPhone 6s, there is not much to compare because the smartphone is still unavailable in Brazil. Deciding to buy abroad, you buy and receive the product in the comfort of your home within a period determined by yourself.


Cabe na Mala works with a network of verified and approved travelers who take advantage of returns to Brazil to bring parcels from people like you, who want to buy something abroad. But what does the person who brings the product gain from it? A financial reward, of course. Even if you pay this amount for the person to bring the product, you can be sure that the iPhone and many other products will be much cheaper than if you were to buy here in Brazil. In addition, if you are a frequent traveler, you can also use Cabe na Mala to earn extra cash.

Cabe na Mala's focus is on products that cost less than US $ 500 or are considered personal items by our government, that is, that are within the allowable quota for the traveler. the case of all iPhones, for example.

The service is completely safe and legal. This page contains a series of frequently asked questions that users may have.

How to buy your iPhone 6s at launch and receive the product at home!

Purchasing a new iPhone through Cabe na Mala is very, very easy. To further help you get your hands on the Apple launch, Cabe na Mala and MacMagazine are offering a coupon with R $ 50 discount (valid for the purchase of iPhones 6s and 6s Plus, only) in the reward value!

See how easy it is to buy your iPhone through Cabe na Mala:

  1. Don't have an account yet? Then register with Cabe na Mala;
  2. That done, enter here if you want the iPhone 6s or here if you want the iPhone 6s Plus;

Buying an iPhone 6s through Cabe in the Bag

  1. Now choose the capacity of the iPhone and click on “VIEW DETAILS”;

Buying an iPhone 6s through Cabe in the Bag

  1. Confirm the price of the product and the amount that will be paid as a reward for the service of Cabe in Mala. Everything beauty? Then click on “MAKE ORDER”;

Buying an iPhone 6s through Cabe in the Bag

  1. Check / fill in the information (address, zip code, city, state and phone) and click on “SEND”;
  2. Now type TEC50 in the space for the promotional coupon and click on “VALIDATE COUPON”;

Buying an iPhone 6s through Cabe in the Bag

  1. Discount applied? thymus! Fill in the information on your credit card and click on “PAY REWARD”;

Buying an iPhone 6s through Cabe in the Bag

  1. Now a screen appeared with Cabe's address on the outside, right? This is the address you will use to buy the iPhone on the Apple website. Click on the button “BUY PRODUCT AT APPLE” and leave this page open.

To buy the device at the American Apple Online Store, I need to have an international credit card. Other than that, we recommend that you buy the model full price (full price) from AT&T or T-Mobile operators indicated in the Apple store as “Pay in full”.

Buying an iPhone 6s at the Apple Online Store

That's because Apple sells two models of iPhones 6s (A1633 and A1688) and 6s Plus (A1634 and A1687). Any model you purchase will be compatible with Brazilian 4G networks. The tip here is to try to purchase the model that will be approved by Anatel so that you have product warranty in Brazil.

Historically Apple has always shipped American models of iPhones marketed by AT&T and T-Mobile. We cannot guarantee that this year will be like this, but the chances are very high. So it is our recommendation to choose these models, A1633 or A1634.

Don't forget to put the address provided by Cabe in Mala no shipping address (delivery address), after all, there is the person who will bring your iPhone to receive the product.

After that, return to Cabe's Mala page and attach the proof of purchase of the iPhone.

Okay, now just wait for your new toy to get home!

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Can you talk, or not a hand on the wheel to be able to buy products like this abroad, without leaving home ?! Here, however, here are some valuable tips:

Tip 1: j get everything ready on Cabe na Mala's website

Usually Apple releases are very, very popular. So what I suggest you already do this purchase process on the Cabe na Mala website now, leaving only the process of buying the iPhone on the Apple website for 4:01 am in the morning.

Tip 2: Buying through the Apple Store app

Always just before the pre-sale starts, Apple takes its Online Store down to prepare everything. For at least at the launch of the Apple Watch, the Apple Store app was back on the air before the site and thousands of people managed to buy the watch for it before the site opened. So, choosing to purchase the iPhone through the Apple store app may be a good choice.

Apple Store app icon

Tip 3: leaving data stored in the Apple Online Store

To speed up the process, you can also leave information on your credit card and the delivery address of Cabe na Mala at the Apple Online Store. Apparently the Apple website has a small bug that does not show the default delivery address at the time of purchase, so you will most likely have to type everything manually at the time H. But at least the credit card information will be stored, which It's an advance.

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Of course, Cabe na Mala is not just for iPhones. There is a sea of ​​interesting products for you to browse and purchase like the Apple Watch, which has not yet arrived in Brazil. If you decided to buy one and are waiting for Apple to launch everything here, do not waste time and buy at Cabe na Mala right now before the dollar goes up more, after all, the forecast is not very encouraging

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We hope we helped you get your hands on the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus when launching the product, without leaving your home.

Good shopping!

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